Sunday, January 27, 2013

Oscar 2013: What I've Watched So Far

The Oscar nominees were announced few weeks back and I was determined to catch some of the movies before the award ceremony on the February 24. I've watched three of the Best Film nominated movies so far, unfortunately these don't include Life of Pi... Sigh... Super busy lar!!!

Les Miserables 
Knowing how well Hugh Jackman and Anne Hathaway can sing, I went into the cinema (note: after probably half a year or something) without knowing much about the musical. I was expecting it to be like Glee but I was terribly wrong. Les Miserables is a musical that is REALLY  a musical. I mean, they literally sing their conversations, making 99% of the movie were presented in songs! Honestly, like a lot of the audience in the cinema who burst out into laughter whenever these actors started singing when they were supposed to be just talking, I'm not used to that... Oh, poor Deardo who had to sit through the movie with me... LOL!
That aside, I don't like the story because it is simply VERY MISERABLE! But well that's how the original story sounds like so we can't complain much!
I like most of the soundtracks though and I'm still pretty amazed at how well Hugh Jackman and Anne Hathaway can sing! Anne Hathaway was brilliant in the movie! Plus, I'm so so surprise that Sacha Baron Cohen is singing in the movie too! And check out the little boy who plays Gavroche! He is such a talent and entertaining to watch! I am however, still full of question marks on why is Russell Crowe casted in the movie! Man, that guy can't sing! Give him (and me) a break!!!
Not so much of my favourite movie but if you ask me, I'm very much backing Hugh Jackman for Best Actor and Anne Hathaway for Best Supporting Actress!

Silver Linings Playbook
I am a fan of Jennifer Lawrence and I'm not afraid of telling you I'll be rooting for her at the Oscar. It's pretty tough to choose between her and Jessica Chastain, but I haven't watch Zero Dark Thirty yet so I'll have to choose Jennifer Lawrence for her performance in Silver Linings Playbook at the moment.
To cut it short, the movie is about two individuals who both have some mental problems with sad relationships meeting each other and falling in love with each other. To me, the story is kinda crazy, and by that I mean including the parents of the main guy, who are funnily so lovable!
Brandley Cooper gave a reasonably good performance but Jennifer Lawrence definitely hit it at the right spot and I'm more than amazed that she can make the comedic yet sarcastic character seems so real! Love her love her love her!!! Robert De Niro is also funny and lovable and wait a minute! Chris Tucker is in the movie too!!! :D Plus some other small roles in the movie, I think this movie simply has the strongest cast among other nominated movies.
It's not like the normal romantic comedy you would see Sandra Bullock or Jennifer Aniston play. This one is definitely a bit more sophisticated with seriously hilarious and sarcastic lines and of course, great cast! :)

I love Matt Damon, but ironically I'm not so much of a fan of his good friend Ben Affleck. So when I saw the movie winning the two major awards -- Best Director and Best Motion Picture - Drama at the Golden Globe, I still doubt it that Ben Affleck is so capable in directing a good movie.
And so I watched Argo. Based on a true story, it talks about how the CIA managed to rescue some Americans who were trapped in Tehran back in 1979, by faking themselves as a group of Canadian film crew who were supposed to film a movie named Argo.
Storyline wise, I must say it is average. But then presentation wise was fantastic. I mean I was truly entertained and was so eager to follow the characters in the movie in their journey to freedom. In fact I was secretly praying for them while watching it and as they finally found freedom I had tears of joy! Imagine that! I am also very impressed at how they managed to re-create a lot of the scenes with a 1979 setting! 
Great movie but not much of chances for its actors to show off any of their acting skills actually. But yes, I agree that Ben Affleck was great, both acting and directing the movie.
Three movies so far and I think Argo is to win the Best Film Award! 

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