Wednesday, February 6, 2013

We Had Fun @ XT's Wedding!

Well, most of you who have me on your FB may already saw the photos but I thought it should only be fair to blog about the wedding where I had a lot of fun not only sending one of my best friends off to her hubby, but also loads of fun catching-up with old friends. It's like a wedding rendezvous! :D
Xiao Ting's wedding took place in Singapore and as one of the bridesmaids, it was pretty tiring especially when I was still down with cough and nose block and couldn't sleep so well at night, then had to wake up freaking early in the morning for the morning session. I swear my eyes were bloody swollen in the morning! I'm not complaining too much cos I know it was much more exhausting for the bride herself.
Me and the pretty bride... Look at my swollen eyes!!! 
Well I don't have any photos of us during the gate-crashing session which went on extremely smooth. But I do have whole loads of photos of us in our very cute purple dresses that XT got for us! So here we go~!
The bride and her bridesmaids!!! 
The Taiping gang invaded Singapore!
Love the dress! 
After the morning session, we moved on to Raffles Hotel (which is duh, super beautiful and grand) for the rest of the ceremony. XT and Kelvin did their very simple tea ceremony and we had the flower-throwing after that.
Guess what? I got the flowers... Although I sort of suspect XT purposely threw it to my direction! LOL!
Well obviously I'm the next one in line lar! Our wedding is memang this year wurt! :p
No thanks to KK who captured this moment which makes me look a little desperate for the flower! LOL!
After that we enjoyed ourselves taking photos around the hotel area. Honestly, I love the dress heaps but I don't know when can I wear it next to? Hmmmm...
They say KK and I look like we are at our wedding! Hahaha!!! 
Then the wedding luncheon where KK and I were the emcees. It really kills me to talk that day with my 'sexy' voice but I'm still very glad that I played quite an important role at XT's wedding because again, she is one of my best pals! 
Oh Hai! Say hello to the emcees of the day! 
The wedding was super simple but beautiful! I mean, mine isn't going to be like hers but it was a wedding to remember. I love the speech the couple gave as well, very touching yet funny! Ha! 
The newly-wed with the Ji Muis and Heng Dais. 
Most importantly, the few of us from Taiping were having great time doing crazy stuff even after the wedding! It was like going back to the good old days where we use to take thousands of photos with stupid poses and all! Can't believe we were still doing that when we are almost 30! Yucks! Hating the number! Anyway, what matters most is that we truly had fun and enjoyed ourselves at the wedding!
XT and me are super used to posing like divas! LOL! 
XT's friend from Taiwan, Siao Gu took very nice photos of us! 
The Taiping gang with the couple. We looked damn slim and long don't we? 
Stupid poses... Now you know what I mean right? 
KK seriously stole the limelight lar!!!
I wish we will also have the same amount or perhaps more fun at my very own wedding! Deal, guys? 
Anyway, once again, Congratulations XT and Kelvin!!! :D 

We went on to meet Yee Yin (who was prohibited to attend XT's wedding because hers was last month) and we had another fun few hours catching-up with each other, talking crap and gossiping about others! Oh man, I'm starting to miss those gatherings!!! So see you guys during CNY!!! :D
Old friends are still the best sometimes... 
As mush as I'm happy for XT to finally settle down with her man, I'm also pretty excited about my own wedding which I haven't have time to share on my blog more about what's going on at the moment. Well I'll be off for CNY soon and hopefully I'll find the time to blog about it soon! :)

*Special thanks to Xiao Gu, Poh Hoon and KK for the photos.


Hayley said...

XT is such a lovely bride! And I see a few familiar faces!! =D

Yep, that dress is very pretty! And don't worry bout that sexy voice la, I am sure your pal appreciated it no matter what!

LayJinG said...

I like that dress too! U look sexy! Can't wait to see u in wedding gown, haha~

ShiRLeXia said...


Thanks for all the nice comments! :)

Lay Jing,
Well you gotta stay tuned! :p

Yannie said...

I want to tell you, you slim down a lot.

ShiRLeXia said...

Hey Yan!

I'm really on diet for the big day but this dress also kinda cover the tummy a lot! :p