Monday, April 22, 2013

Awesome Pork Ramen @ Menya Musashi, Isetan 1 Utama

I remember the last time we went to a really nice place for the most awesome Ramen was at Santouka Hokkaido Ramen at Pavilion. Needless to say, the Ramen was super good but it was also too expensive that we have not gone back for a second time so far.
And then Deardo found out about Menya Musashi through a colleague and one night after work we decided to give it a go. Situated in Eat Paradise, Isetan in One Utama, it is quite hard to identify this particular restaurant because well there are too many Japanese restaurants in that area and there are more than one that sell Ramen. So look out for the entrance, which has the name in Japanese, in stead of English!
We had to order and pay at the front counter before sitting down. And then we sat down and look around and wow~ Such interesting deco! It's basically a Samurai themed restaurant with a lot of cool paintings of Samurais and I was especially amazed by their Samurai lights hanging on the ceiling! They have their branding on all bowls, cutlery and serviettes, which is pretty cool too. The kitchen staffs, who aren't Japanese were yelling some taglines once in maybe every 10 minutes, which is cute even though I have zero idea what's the meaning and whether they even pronounce the Japanese line correctly! 
Good branding and deco speaks volume in food industry nowadays! 
And then came our food... 
The Special Shiro Set! 
My Shiro Ajitama Ramen! Look at the 'kaw kaw' soup! 
You can add curry powder and chili oil if you want to! 
Well the Ramen are differentiate by flavours and ingredients (although they all comes with pork). For instance, spicy or non-spicy and with egg or non-egg. Deardo ordered a Special Shiro Set at RM35. It comes with a Pork Ramen, a Terryiaki Chicken Rice, a salad, Gyoza and green tea. Quite a good deal  if you ask me. I went for a Shiro Ajitama Ramen, which comes with a hard-boiled egg and cost us RM24. Personally, I love the Ramen soup heaps. The thick pork broth and its fragrant made the bowl of Ramen so freaking delicious and unless if you are not a pork person, the bowl of Ramen is really super awesome! I almost finished the entire bowl of soup! The Terryiaki Chicken Rice was yummy too though not the best I've had lar. The Gyoza was just so-so. 
We had a satisfying dinner, that's for sure! :)
The bill came up to RM70.75, including green tea, service charge and government tax. While I think the portion aren't as big as the one at Santouka, there isn't anything else I would complain about the Ramen here. Plus, it is also slightly cheaper to eat here! So I'm definitely going back to try out maybe the spicy Ramen and also their very special dry Ramen! To those pork Ramen fans, here's another place you shouldn't miss!

Menya Musashi Ramen
2nd Floor,
Eat Paradise
Isetan Bandar Utama City Centre


Hayley said...

Place looks interesting, food too!!

ShiRLeXia said...

Are you still in KL? Can still go and try!