Friday, April 5, 2013

The Evolution of My Voul-au-vent

I ran out of bread for breakfast for a few days and suddenly a light bulb just popped-up over my head from the brilliant part of my brain... I still have leftover puff pastry from the Christmas party last year! I made the Voulauvent pastry late at night and used them for breakfast over two days with different fillings, which are certainly super easy to make compared to my Seafood Voulauvent!

The Egg, Ham and Corn Mayo Voulauvent
I made the filling a day before to make sandwich so these were leftover which I kept in the fridge. Super easy to make. Just boil some eggs and mash them, add in some pre-boiled frozen corn, cut ham pieces, chopped onions (trust me, onions make the filling extra nice) then pour in some mayo and mix well. Add pepper and light soya sauce to taste, then sprinkle some paprika/curry powder to sort of garnish it a bit. 

 The Smoked Salmon Voulauvent
This is a totally lazy and random recipe and it was really a gamble cos I didn't know how it would taste like when I was making it! Usually I think people will use cream to make the dressing but I was lazy and didn't have cream at home anyway. So all I did was... Cut the smoked salmon into strips, add in some alfafa, pour some ranch dressing onto them and mix well. I added some coarse black pepper and chopped parsley to taste and that's it! 

It would be useless if I praise my creations myself but Deardo who took a break from oats because I was making all these breakfast for him love them heaps! Even the smoked salmon one which I did for the very first time! So the Deardo is happy and the home chef is happy too! :)



Hayley said...

Looks yummy!!
I want!

ShiRLeXia said...

Thanks a lot Hayley! :D