Monday, April 7, 2014

Healthy Salmon & Corn Fritters Recipe

So I saw this recipe in a special recipe booklet in Mamo's Women's Weekly few months back. It's a dish made up of Salmon and corn, both some of my favourite food of all time! So without a doubt (also because it looked pretty easy to make), I tried making it.

What you need:
One or two big slab of salmon steak (depending on how many people you are cooking for) cut into small strips, corn from 2-3 corn cobs, some chopped coriander, about 3 tablespoon of flour, an egg beaten, salt and pepper to taste (the original recipe totally forgot about the salt and pepper and I only realised after mixing everything up)

What you do:
1) In a large mixing bowl, throw in the corn.

2) Then throw in the salmon.

3) Then the coriander and stir them all up.

4) Now pour in the beaten egg, then add in the flour.

5) Mix them up until they form a starchy texture. If it doesn't, feel free to add more flour.

6) Now add in the salt and pepper then mix them all up again evenly.

7) With two spoons, scoop the mixture and form a flat shaped patty, then pan-fry on a non-stick pan with some olive oil.

8) Fry until both side turn a little brown, remove from the pan.
9) Line an oven tray with baking paper/alu foil then lay all the fritters onto the tray.

10) Send the fritters into the pre-heated oven at 180c and let it bake for about 15 minutes!

Remove the fritters and serve it with a side of salad with a dipping sauce e.g. Thai chili sauce, tartar sauce, mayo. It's a pretty healthy option for afternoon snack (if you are not a fan of sweet stuff, just like me) or dinner!

Aside from lack of flavour (shall not be stingy with the salt and pepper next time) and a little too much of flour, I think the dish turned out to be quite nice. It's not exactly those fancy dish but it is a homey and healthy snack that you would love to have a bite on. I mean, who doesn't like Salmon? And so when having Salmon as Sashimi or Salmon steak become boring or too mainstream (although I know it will never become mainstream cos I love them LOL), here's a little change of the use of Salmon with some wonderfully fresh corn!

I kept the leftover and only needed to heat them up with the oven toaster whenever I want to eat them, so it is a convenient snack too I shall say! *wink~*

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