Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Superb Quality Thai Food @ Kompassion, Damansara Kim

Sometimes dining out with SIL and BIL can be pretty fun because they like to try out new places, just like me! :) SIL is a fan of Thai food and we have previously tried My Elephant with them and now we went to Kompassion by My Elephant. The difference between the two restaurants is the later is a non-halal restaurant.

We were there with SIL, Lil' Jolie, SIL's SIL and Lil' Karina. Complicated yet? Well yeah, it was quite an abnormal combination because all daddies were busy with work so Deardo came to the rescue! :p

The restaurant, with a modern design, is quiet, spacious (compared to My Elephant), clean and cosy. Its menu has a wide range of dishes uniquely created with Thai style of cooking but with some twists such as Malay, Japanese and Italian infusion. Best of all, their set lunches are available on weekends! So hurray for that!
Here are what we had that day, from the set lunch menu, which come with a glass of lemongrass tea and fruits.
Chicken Noodle Soup, RM13.90.
Green Curry Chicken Fried Rice, RM15.90.
Tom Yum Fried Rice, RM15.90.
Nasi Campur, RM18.90.
Cut fruits that come with all set lunches ordered.
While I decided to have white rice to go with some ala carte dishes...
Ice Milk Tea, RM13.
Green Curry Pork, RM35.
Stir-fry Kailan, RM15.
We ordered the Chicken Noodle Soup for the two babies actually but we got to taste it a bit since it was too big for the two toddlers. While it looks a bit plain, the soup was actually very flavourful with a soury twist to it. The Green Curry Fried Rice and Tom Yum Fried Rice were very nicely done too. Fried to perfection, you could see how each piece of rice is covered with the curry/tom yum and without a doubt they were very well-presented too. I especially like the little portion of sauce/gravy that comes with it!
Now the real crowd-pleaser would be the Nasi Campur. At RM18.90 the plate of awesomeness comes with rice, fried egg, piece of fried chicken, red curry pork belly, green curry chicken, vege and a small bowl of tom yum soup. Almost everything on the plate tasted really delicious, especially the tom yum soup! And looking at the portion, I think it's best to share it!
Nom-ing our way~!
While the Stir-fry Kailan isn't anything to shout about, I must admit I fell so in love with the Green Curry Pork! Cooked with roast pork (Siew Yok) which aren't of meat that are too fat, long beans and eggplant, the curry is creamy with a medium spiciness just nice to our liking. Of course, at RM35 a bowl, it is really an expensive dish to enjoy but we couldn't help but ordering it the second time we went to the restaurant! :p

The little ones fighting for attention yo~!
With a bowl of white rice (RM3.50), plus food and drinks, together with the 16% charges, the bill came up to RM152.10. Not the cheapest lunch but it was quite worth it, judging not only by the quality of the food, but also portion of the dishes. I especially think the set lunches are quite reasonable.
I recently went back again and gave their Pad Thai set lunch a try. It was probably not the best Pad Thai I've ever had but with prawns and even fish roe, and almost all the ingredients you need in a Pad Thai, it wasn't too bad too!
Pad Thai from the set lunch menu, RM13.90.
Kompassion has officially become my favourite Thai restaurant to visit whenever I crave for something hot and spicy! :)

N0.5, Jalan SS20/11,
Damansara Utama
46350 Petaling Jaya,
Tel: 03-7731 9256

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