Friday, September 19, 2014

My Lovely Homecooked Dishes

Hi guys! Been pretty busy lately, some personal stuff, some holiday preparations. So anyway, I'm leaving you guys with some of my homecooked dishes before I go off~! 

At Home
#1 Steamboat with 4e
4e was alone one night so we invited her over to join us for a 3-pax homemade steamboat, which was as usual, pretty awesome! Had our homemade Sui Gao too! Oh yumzzzz! :)

#2 Scrambled Eggs with Avocado
Made some scrambled eggs, topped with bacon bits, then an avocado with some red peppers and zucchini over it, plus a stir-fry broccoli and mushrooms. I think I was just trying to clear food in the fridge. Pretty sure this was when I was home alone or maybe Deardo decided that we should eat light. :p

#3 Honey Mustard Chicken Rice
To bring back some Aussie memory in me. Get the recipe here.

#4 Cantonese Fried Maggi Mee
Cantonese Fried Yee Mee or Hor Fun are quite common. But I recently found out that it goes very well with Maggi Mee! Plus no need to separate the Hor Fun beforehand, which is a big plus point!!! :)

#5 Wanton Mee with Sui Gao
Got those Wanton Mee from Taiping, boil, stir-up in some garlic oil, light and dark soya sauce, sesame oil, then topped with some greens and fried shallots... Voila, Wanton Mee at home! Plus my homemade Sui Gao again, this time in some Sha Cha Sauce Soup! 

#6 Omelet with Salmon Sashimi
Deardo was out for badminton one night and I just came back from a supermarket so I got some Salmon Sashimi to go with my supposedly normal-looking omelet. Oh so healthy yet satisfying!!! :D

#7 The Typical Chinese Dinner
I think I was in a good mood when I cooked this 3-dish dinner featuring Stir-fry French Beans with tumeric powder, pan-fry minced pork (actually leftover Sui Gao fillings) and a fake Chawanmushi on a plate. Hearty, yummy and tummy-filling dinner! :)

#8 Wanton Mee with Minced Pork and Mushroom
This is a recipe I learned from Mamo. Since young she has been doing this stir-fry minced pork and mushrooms with a little gravy to go with Wanton Mee and we always love it! It's so simple to make and you can mass-make and just keep the rest in the freezer!

At Work
#1 Tuna Soba Salad
Lunch box with things I can find in the fridge - lettuce, hard-boiled egg white, cocktail sausages, tuna in oil with some black pepper and parsley for garnishing! Super love lunch like this! :)

#2 Couscous Salad
Baby spinach, avocado, red peppers, hard-boiled egg white for another healthy yet yummy lunch!

#3 Ham, Cheese & Baby Spinach Wrap
Was my yummy breakfast! I actually prefer wraps over breads cos they are lighter to eat and you don't feel so full! 

#4 Scrambled Egg, Ham & Baby Spinach Wrap (with Sambal Belacan yo~)
Added some creativity in the Sambal Belacan MIL made to give the wrap a Malaysian twist and it was really good!!! 

#5 Green Curry Tuna & Spinach Wrap
For a light lunch. :)

#6 Green Curry Tuna Maggi Mee
Leftover Green Curry Tuna? I reheated it and went with some Maggi Mee! And yes, I literally cooked in the office!

#7 Scrambled Eggs with Avocado Open-Face Sandwich
And I had to eat this with fork and knife... Like a boss, in the office! Ha!
By the way, I think I make pretty awesome scrambled egg, isn't it?

In Taiping
Was back in Taiping and decided to cook brunch for the family instead of eating out. So here's my simple version of Big Breakfast and a Cream of mushroom soup, which I will share the recipe later on!
I sure love cooking for the family and seeing their look of amazement! LOL! 

Till then, wishing myself a happy holiday and I shall see you guys after my vacation!
Hasta La Vista baby~~~!!!


Hayley said...

Homecooked dish is always the best!

Yours looks creative and very presentable!

Enjoy your honeymoon ;))

ShiRLeXia said...

Thanks so much for the compliment and well wishes Hayley! :)