Monday, December 14, 2009

How to make Wat Dan Yee Mee... For your loved one!

If you are a loyal reader of my blog, you would have know that my dear loves Wat Dan Ho a.k.a Fried Hor Fun with Egg Sauce a.k.a Cantonese Fried Noodles a lot. I, myself is a Wat Dan Ho lover too. Because of that my mum used to cook that for us a lot, and because of that, I learned from her how to make it.
I've shown you how to make the Mui Fan before, it is actually the same method. I didn't make the Hor Fun too this time, because I'm lazy to separate the noodles one by one. So here you go~ Wat Dan Yee Mee...
What you need...Yee Mee soaked in water to soften them, chicken pieces marinated with soya sauce and pepper plus corn flour to make them tender, prawns, choy sum, a beaten egg, chopped garlic, corn flour as well as you know... Oil, dark soya sauce, soya sauce and salt to taste.

Start with the noodles. Simmer some garlic, then fry the noodles with some soya sauce and dark soya sauce. Remove the noodles from the wok.
Step 1: Simmer some garlic.
Step 2: Fry the Yee Mee a bit...
And then, simmer more garlic in hot oil, then add in the chicken and prawns, fry for a while. Add in some water. The amount of water is depending on how much you love the egg sauce gravy lar. Let it boil, then add in some salt, not too much because the marinated chicken already gives some taste to the gravy. Then the vege.Step don't know how many: fry the chicken and prawn.
A-Must Step: Have a look at the sexy chef~! LOL!
Add in the water and let it boil...
Almost-done-step: Put in the vege~!
Let it boil, and now put in the egg. Stir well. Then pour in the corn flour which is mixed with water, cold water okay! Otherwise it won't work! Stir well. FYI, the corn flour is to thicken the gravy. The final step: Add in egg and corn flour.

Tips: After a few attempts, I got this tiny tip for you guys. If you want the egg in the gravy to be bigger in pieces, then put the corn flour in to thicken the gravy first, then only the egg. If you want the egg to be in smaller pieces then it's the other way round! :)

And you're done~!Doesn't it look fantastically yummy? *I'm being so beh pai seh~*
And you will need a satisfied diner for your cooking~!
I think it's a really simple dish lor, minus the time I needed to clean the prawns and the fussy process to wash off the smell of garlic on my hands... :p


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Wow.. looks so yummy~
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Well, I was glad enough that he loves it!

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when r u goin to make me a wat dan ho

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My dear said: You wait lar, or you can ask me first....

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Haha... I guess he knows he's lucky~!

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