Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Awesome Ramen @ Kamikaze Ramen, 1 Mont Kiara

After I was officially done with my confinement month, one of the first foods I wanted to eat was some nice Ramen, and I mean those real ones with thick broth, not those with soya sauce soup base okay!
But to beat the weekend jam and the fuss of looking for car park space, we decided to head to 1 Mont Kiara (which is by the way, not easy to find parking anymore) to try Menya Kamikaze.
A glance at the very simple looking restaurant, you'll find the cashier, the tattooed staff at the kitchen and majority of the tables are Japanese. Those are definitely good sign that the Ramen must authentic and 'Japanese-approved'. And that L-shape sitting area around the kitchen pretty much reminds me of how the Japanese would typically eat their Ramen in Japan!
Deep Fried Prawns, RM 6.
Gyoza, RM10 (6 pcs).
Before the Ramen came, we had some appetizers. Big love for the deep fried baby prawns, tasted very light but has a very crispy texture. Not a big fan of the oily deep fried gyoza (still prefer pan-fried) but the pork fillings inside were very juicy and yummy! Both very satisfying and affordable too, I must say.
Original Pork Soup Chasu Ramen, RM26.
Black Garlic Spicy Pork Soup Chasu Ramen, RM27.
Deardo and FIL had the original pork soup Chasu Ramen which has Steamed Pork Belly, Steamed Pork Shoulder, an egg and spring onion. The thick pork broth is of top class, while the thin ramen are very springy and has a nice chewy texture, almost like an al dente pasta. The pork are are all very well done too - tender and flavourful. Being the adventurous one, I tried the Black Garlic Spicy Pork Soup Chasu Ramen, which has the same ingredients, only the difference in terms of flavour. The flavour is a little heavier, very thick with just a hint of spiciness, very nice! Not to mention the portion is also quite huge!
The father-and-son.
And the other son who was only sleeping soundly for a few minutes. ==|||
And the mummy enjoying her time-out and the bowl of awesome ramen!
Together with three cups of tea, GST and service charge, we paid RM118.95, which I reckon still considered quite reasonable compared to some other well-known Menyas in town.
Overall, while I don't think the appertizers are too fantastic, the Ramen are definitely above average. Definitely going back again, perhaps to try their famous spicy ramen!

Menya Kamikaze
Lot 1-2, First Floor,
1 Mont Kiara,
1, Jalan Kiara,
Mont Kiara,
Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-6211 9499

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