Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Simple, Fresh & Yummy Fishes @ Uokatsu, Sri Hartamas

For some odd reasons, I've been seeing a couple of my friends posting their food photos at Uokatsu on social media recently. I got really curious, especially with the Mentai Rice cos me love everything Mentai! :p
So one fine day when Deardo had an appointment nearby, we finally paid the very small and humble restaurant a visit. Owned and managed by a Japanese couple (or so I heard), the restaurant is definitely small with a capacity of probably just about 10 tables.
The menu is a two-pager and it really does say a lot about it being run buy Japanese cos they are not easy to understand, even for someone like me, who had some basic knowledge in Japanese language. Anyway, all you need to remember (and I've double-checked with them) is that they only sell seafood and not other meats, with most of them I read are air-flown all the way from Japan. You can even choose from their chiller some fresh or frozen seafood to bring home! 
As a first timer, we played safe and ordered only stuff we only know and that are not too expensive. Hehehe...
Mentai Rice, RM18.
Salt Grilled Saba, RM6.50.
Salt Grilled Sanma, RM10.
Air Dry Saba (half), RM20.
First up, the much-talkabout Mentai Rice was pretty awesome. Of course it was just a bigger version of a Tamago Mentai Sushi but I love it nonetheless! We had the Salt Grilled Saba (something that Deardo always order at any regular Japanese restaurants) and the Salt Grilled Sanma, both super juicy, fresh and delicious, even Deardo who is very particular with fishes approved! :) We also tried their signature Homemade Air Dry Saba which was something like our salted fish with still fresh meat instead of it being dried hard. It was fresh but a little too salty to my liking.
Miso Soup, RM4.50.
I'm not normally a fan Miso Soup but I've read about the Miso Soup here being different so I tried. It is indeed very interesting - you could taste fish in the soup with some fish pieces inside, a proof that it is not any other random Miso Soup, but Miso Soup that is made of real seafood broth. So another thumb-up for the soup!
Not in a mood for photos today *put palm in the air*.
Oh you Mentai, come to mama!!! 
With a bowl of rice (RM3.50) and a refillable green tea (RM2), the quick lunch (I say quick cos the service is quite fast and there are already whole load of people standing outside the restaurant waiting for tables) cost us RM64.50, which is not too bad for a seafood meal, especially since it was a very satisfying one! Definitely going back for more - I'm aiming some clams and cod fish next yo! Who's with me?

B-0-7, Ground Floor Plaza Damas 3,
63 Jalan Sri Hartamas 1,
Sri Hartamas,
50480 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-6201 0339


Hayley said...

Want to go with you! But too far :p
I am always up for a Japanese meal yo!

ShiRLeXia said...

Hehehe no problem you always come to KL one, so one fine day we can go!

And yes, high 5 to loving Japanese food!