Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Lovely Hearty Lunch @ Fat Spoon, Damansara Uptown

It was a beautiful Saturday when I left baby Rayden at home with Deardo to take care of alone, while I sneaked out for a catch-up lunch with my ex-colleagues/friends at Fat Spoon. I've walked past the restaurant many times but never had a chance to try their food until then! And Nyonya food? Anytime for me man! 
Big love for the old-school decor - so rugged, so detailed yet so random! And the entire ambiance is so good it feels really comfy to dine in the restaurant!
A glance at their menu tells you they sell Nyonya food with a twist, which is what I like in any food (and other stuff too I guess) so I said, bring it on, bring all the food and let me try them!
Pumpkin Fritters, RM8.
Prawn Fritters, RM10.
Chicken & Basil Wrap, RM11.
Because there were 7 of us, we ordered some appetizers to shared too. The Pumpkin Fritters were really awesome - tasted really fresh and crunchy, definitely something really unique too. The Prawn Fritters were not bad, especially when they aren't stingy on the amount of prawns at all! We also tried the Chicken & Basil Wrap which tasted ordinary but can turned extraordinary with the dipping sauce that comes with it, The lemongrass really brings out the flavour of that special-tasting sauce!
Moo Moo Rice Bowl with ABC Soup, RM17.
Ulam Fried Rice, RM13.
Tamarind Prawn Pasta, RM18.
Nasi Kampung, RM16.
Chicken ABC Rice Soup, RM13.
I didn't try all other dishes that the gang ordered, but generally, everyone was quite happy with their meal. The Moo Moo Rice Bowl that I had was quite interesting - mixture of basil and some sweet gravy in the beef makes it a very hearty bowl of meal, plus a bowl of ABC soup as a side, I feel very much at home yo! Flavour wise though, I really like the Ulam Fried Rice that I tried - tasted really nice with the fragrance from all the spices used in it! So good!
What I certainly love about their food is the twists they added into their dishes. For instance, Tamarind Prawn (or Assam Prawn) with Pasta? That's really creative!
Cempedak Spring Rolls, RN15.
We of course, had two portions of one of their signature dish - Cempedak Spring Rolls as dessert and that's DA BOMB, hands down! The Cempedak Paste was made so yummy and naturally sweet (and not too sweet) and goes so freaking well with the vanilla ice-cream that comes with it! I had a serious jaw-dropping moment the second I had the first bite. My honest advice here - You can skip everything, but not this Cempedak Spring Rolls!!!
Also some coffee for us!
Bill came clipped in an old book! So damn cool!
Overall, very hearty, homey and unique food. So if you are not too adventurous about food this might not be your place but personally, I'm super duper in love!!!
It felt really good to be out again with friends like this and just laugh out loud at some stupid jokes, while enjoying some lovely food!!! :D
Seven main dishes, three appetizers, two desserts and a few drinks cost us RM224.55, which was actually very reasonable! Most of their main dishes are around RM13-RM18, which is quite economical I shall say. So another plus point and another reason for a second (and third and fourth and so on,,,) visit! *wink~*

Fat Spoon
73, Jalan SS21/1A,
Damansara Utama,
47000 Petaling Jaya,
Tel: 03-7728 3323


Yannie said...

It is always good to have some time for yourself and let the dad create some bonding time with the baby. It is so nice to catch up with ex-colleagues and good that they still remember you, right?

ShiRLeXia said...

Yes Yan! It's always fun to catch up with then! :)