Friday, October 30, 2015

Baby Rayden, 6 Month-Old

I've always wanted to do an update entry of Rayden but I don't know where to start? Or even which photos to use because man, the amount of photos of that fellar in my phone's camera roll is equivalent to photos of myself in 10 years, I think!
How you doin'? 

Phew~! What a super star he is!!!

So I'm just going to be very random in picking some photos of him to share here, with most of them quite recently taken.

I know right, the position of my hand on the table looks so odd, but that's because Rayden was trying to kick the table down!!! 
Just few days back as Deardo and I celebrated our anniversary, he also turned 6 months old. So far, he...

#1 can flip and turn in seconds, and is practicing to sit up already.
There goes, there goes...

#2 he is a very active boy, lay him down somewhere or even carry him up and he will start kicking, flipping hands, turning here and there.
Trust me, he was enjoying it so much when these happened... ==|||

#3 doesn't cry as much.
Yup, no crying even if he bang his head on his bed...

#4 still cry at night before going to sleep, as though he knows it's the end of the day and he doesn't want the day to end yet (making us very restless almost every night).
I'm sexay and I know it~!!!

#5 hence, he is definitely a very very very playful boy (and I can't decide whether is that a good or bad thing. LOL).
Cheeky little fellar!!! 
#6 smiles almost all the time but giggles only when he feels like it (superstar mah, must have some attitude there ahem...).
#thatsmilethough #futureheartbreaker

#7 fell sick for the first time, well not really sick la, just got red-eyed and nose-blocked possibly because of the haze. Bloody haze... #%@#$%#&@*

#8 is growing into a very long/tall boy, weighing a normal 8.5kg plus right now. :D
Yo yo~ Who said hip hop is so yesterday? Who???

#9 is now an easier baby to go out with. He sits in his stroller and can fall asleep in it too, quite easily. The only problem though, is that he hates sitting in his car seat... Gahhhhhhh...
Yay! It's 'gai gai' time again, isn't it?

#10 eating solid now and he really is fussy about his food, e.g. he prefers the expensive cereal and prefers ikan bilis in his porridge. This fellar ah, has good taste!
Yes? You mean there is something on my face?

#11 ba ba ba ba bu bu bu bu a lot now and it's really funny cos sometimes he sounds like he is speaking Korean or something! Ooooopaaaa~~~
Date nights mean 3 pax now.

#12 most importantly, he changes people. Mamo being so eager to come to KL and doesn't mind doing a lot of extra work is just of them. People suddenly love to come visit us Rayden and can be totally ignorant about us. the parent. #truestory because I'm only manager to my superstar son. LOL.
Kim Po came visit, all the way from Singapore yaw~!
Meeting Mikhail for the first time and they look damn cute like this... Like totally confused!!! 
And holding hands already with Baby Wilfred? Wah, very fast ah...

That's all I can think of, for now.

Thanks for watching, on behalf of Baby Rayden. :p


Hayley said...

Boys will be boys, they stay active and energetic, people say it's a good thing, but you know, as a mother, we always doubt about it, LOL!

Your boy is sure one happy healthy baby, love his smile! Hug hug him for me ya :p

ShiRLeXia said...

Awww... Thanks Hayley! On behalf of Rayden! :D

Yannie said...

So cute, your son's smile put a smile on my face too. He is indeed very adorable.

ShiRLeXia said...

Thanks so much Yan!!! :)