Thursday, October 15, 2015

So Creative-Lah @ Flingstones Cafe, SS15 Subang Jaya

Hey guys, my apologies for not updating much. Work is getting busier and there is zero chance of me blogging at home now with a baby around so yah... Life as a working mum that is!

While I'm getting used to being a mum, I'm slowly catching up on my cafe-hopping activities so early last month we checked into Flingstones Cafe, a non-halal cafe located just opposite Taylor's College in SS15, Subang.
The cafe looks not less like any hipster cafes in town, very rugged with some vintagy settings.
What's more interesting is their very cool names for their food, drinks and cakes! So freaking cute! The menu is quite full-on with some very creative use of pork in their dishes. So we picked our choices!
Green Pea Soup, RM10.
Chu Yao Char Angel Hair, RM18.
B.E.L.T, RM15.
The Big Bang Breakfast, RM25.
Let's start with the very hearty Green Pea Soup, very light but got its flavour up with some awesome bacon bits - super yummy! The Chu Yao Char Angel Hair (so literal lol) was pretty nice although I think it would taste nicer with a thicker type of pasta and a little more liquid but the use of the thick Chu Yao Cha and bacon bits win big time for the dish. Big love for the B.E.L.T too - nicely fried bacon plus a nice fried egg and the yummy side salad, so satisfying! Their Big Bang Breakfast (love that name though) was quite decent, although not fantastic. Personally think the scrambled egg can be better.
Cappuccino, RM10.
Earl Grey Lavender, RM9.
The coffee was a bit too bland to our liking. So yes, we did enjoy the food more than the coffee.
Our beautiful brunch spread!
We paid RM87 for that big fat brunch and I think that's pretty affordable considering the amount of food we loaded into our tummy!
Look who was with us at brunch the other day!
So nice ambiance and hot food, shall be back for more food and cakes with cute names! :)

Flingstones Cafe,
24, SS15/8,
47500 Subang Jaya,
Tel: 03-5879 9468


Yannie said...

Baby is so cute. It was really a big brunch that you have ordered.

Agnes said...

O so sweet, you little baby is with you at the cafe. I still remember we have to take turns to eat when bringing our babies along to the restaurant...

ShiRLeXia said...

Thanks Yannie and Agnes!

Well we also sometimes need to do that cos he will make noise while we eat!