Thursday, October 6, 2011

Bang the Kok

*Replacing lyrics of Empire State of Mind~~~*
Bangkok~~~ You like massage, makan or shopping~ Or McD Pork Burger~ You can find them in Bangkok~ Bangkok~ Bangkok~

Actually supposed to have more stuff in Bangkok to talk about. Like Thai Girls Show, Tuk Tuk, Nasi Pattaya, Ladna and all that. Bangkok also reminds me of:
Its scariness and craziness as shown in Hangover 2.'Lost in Bangkok' was a line that was constantly said in the movie. Damn scary lor!!!:S

Belle NuntithaIf I happen to bump into her/him, I will probably give her/him a hug. :)

Traffic jam.I heard it can be quite bad, can match KL's traffic. :S

I'm proud to announce, I'm going to Bangkok tomorrow! To the crazy city of Bangkok! Shopping, food, massage, Thai Girls Show, McD Pork Burger, Pork Keropok or whatever... BRING THEM ON~!!!

Ha... Like I have a lot of time...
Shirlexia Tan will be in Bangkok, in fact, Thailand for the first time in her life for only THREE days lar!



Hayley said...

Bring me along!! ;D

Enjoy your holidays ya!!

ShiRLeXia said...

I thought you are also having your own holiday??? ;P
Thanks Hayley! :)