Monday, October 3, 2011

Pricey Afternoon Tea @ New Shanghai, Pavilion

I fell in love with this cafe/restaurant at first sight! I love the entire design and deco, and even their paper bags! Man they are so cool I wish that one day I can go back and just simply takeaway something just for that bloody cool bag!!! Seriously, all restaurants and cafes owners should invest in the design of their shops! Bloggers and photographers love chic restaurants and cafes!!!Check out their wall papers man!!!
So we went for afternoon tea one day. We were shocked looking at the menu! A pot of Chinese Tea for RM18!!! ==||| So anywayz, we decided to go ahead since we were already there. So here we go...From left clockwise: Shrimp Beancurd Roll (RM3.80), Chess & Potato Roll (RM3.80), egg tart (RM1.50) and BBQ Chicken & Pineapple Puff (RM3.50).
Shrimp Dumpling or Har Gao (RM8.80).
Red Bean Cake (RM6).
Notice I basically listed out all the prices of the food? That's because I think they are really pricey!!! Having say that, I must admit I definitely enjoyed the Har Gao and Cheese & Potato Puff, but then again I can't decide whether or not they are worth that price. I like their tea too, I can feel that it is off good quality lar... Duh... RM18 for a pot, you better serve me well man! *Slap on table~*That's me and Deardo's mum with our very expensive tea.
Well I think on average, the food was pretty nice. So if you don't mind paying extra for some quality food, New Shanghai is good for you to go. And if you love the concept and the deco, I'm pretty sure you should go at least once just to get the feel of it! Or at least, snaps some pictures there.

New Shanghai
Lot 1.02.00 Pavilion KL
(Opposite Mercato)
168, Jalan Bukit Bintang
Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-2142 2833

Oh by the way, remember El Fresco? Well we managed to go there again to try new stuff before Empire Subang sort of exploded...Fresh prawns with spaghetti.
Mushrooms and ham pizza... Yumzz...
The prawns can be good if they are fresh. Ours were not all fresh, so yea it's based on luck I guess. I love the pizza simply because of its thin crust and generous amount of mushrooms! :)
Man this make me miss Empire a lot! I'm not even sure if people dare to go there when they re-open... :S

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Anonymous said...

This merchant is a scam...

On 12th December, they declined to honour any Groupon promotional vouchers. The terms and conditions stated clearly "Mondays to Fridays (excluding local public holidays)". However they declined the voucher citing that it was a public holiday in Selangor (mind you, it is a replacement state holiday for the Sultan's birthday). Obviously they also forgot that Pavillion is in Kuala Lumpur and is a working day proper...

The manager, Derrick, was nowhere to be seen at the outlet and hiding behind the security of the phone, stating he was not working and observing the holiday. There was a horde of angry crowd and nothing was done. Unfortunately this speaks for the kind of manager that's nowhere to be seen when there's an issue to address. Working staff are zombies hiding behind the counter, carrying on like nothing is wrong... Requested for escalation but Derrick claimed he is the only "management level staff" that we can talk to, and he was twisting and turning, blatantly denying the mistake and refusing to honour...

Left with a very foul experience. Pricey (even with the discount coupons) and nothing to shout about. Avoid at all cost like a plague...

Just pissed that merchants deny consumers on technicalities of "terms and conditions" when it's things the consumers overlook, but refuse to honour the coupon when the agreed upon "terms and conditions" held true. One time and definitely the last time...