Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Yummy breaky @ Plan B

Finally! Finally I've made it to Plan B! Well, Plan B is actually under the same company as Ben's and Canoodling and the famous Delicious. Oh yeah, we are guessing that company is earning super big bucks! Anywayz, Plan B's interior is about the same as Ben's in many ways. I suggest some of the food, like spaghetti are actually the same as what you can find at Ben's. But our mission that morning was to have their breakfast! Ya know I always love good breaky to start my day, right?I find the bottle for water very cool! It's like some container for medicine!
At RM24, we got our plate of breaky with ham, sausage, hash brown, bread, egg, baked beans and some yummy sauteed mushrooms. Plus, a glass of juice and tea or coffee. You can even have more of any of the ingredients at an extra RM2 and above, not too bad a deal too! Salivating yet? Who says breakfast are boring?
It's hard to not compare their breakfast with the one at La Bodega, they basically look almost the same! Of course, the one at La Bodega cost you more and to me, a little more filling. But I reckon Plan B's breakfast isn't bad at all! I definitely love their sauteed mushrooms! Super duper yummy I felt like I want to order more of them! They have some really fresh mushrooms and and cherry tomatoes tossed in some garlic and parsley... Ooohhh... Definitely tempting! I also like their sausage and hash brown a lot! The only one I don't really fancy was their baked beans. I was so excited looking at my breakfast!!!
I certainly like the breakfast here and I don't mind coming back at all! Oh and did I forget to tell you, the breakfast is available until 6pm! So you can sleep till late and still enjoy their breaky! I heard their sandwiches and burgers are good too! Gotta try them next time! :)

Plan B
Ground Floor (It's right in front of the back entrance),
Bangsar Village 1,
59000 Bangsar,
Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-2287 2630

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