Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Glee: The 3D Concert Movie

Thanks to someone special, I was at Sunway Pyramid last night to watch the premiere of this movie (in fact it was my first ever premiere experience!). Though I did not follow the series (yes, not at all), I do listen to some of the tracks from the movies in which I also think the Glee guys sang Teenage Dream better than Katy Perry herself. Hence, I am definitely interested to see this 3D concert movie!
To start off, it is really just a concert, zero storyline with bits of backstage funny interviews and footage of some Glee fans' stories on how the show and the characters changed their lives. I am a little disappointed with the concert due to the song selection. But I do prefer it when they sing together as a group rather than solo performances. The solo performances were just too forgettable where surprisingly I thought Brittany's slutty performance was the most unforgettable one! I mean, it was sexy and nice choreography as compared to others that are too dry! I don't see why they have to give Rachel so much of air time cos I think her singing isn't fantastic. They should have let Mercedes and Kurt sing more! Oh by the way, my favourite character is Kurt even though I've never watched a single episode of the Glee series. Of course, best performance goes to the Warblers! Love their Acappella!!!
I love the footage of the Glee fans! They were all very encouraging asking you to be yourself, in a bloody cute way! Love it love it love it! Probably the best part of the entire movie, really! Okay, shouldn't forget the little boy who sang like Blaine! Just to give you an idea...

The Glee team better bloody hell pay that little boy for making the movie so cute to watch!!!
I give it an average of 3 out of 5 and it would have been more if they sing more of today's hit songs or super classic songs. I think it is a movie purely for 1) Glee fans, 2) musical fans and 3) those who love inspiring stories and don't think they sound like crap or too fake.
Now, can someone lend me Glee series??? I wanna watch!!!

P/S: I just found out Kurt (Chris Colfer) has won a Golden Globe (outdated me) for his performance in Glee! And I just soooooo love his speech!!!

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