Friday, July 27, 2012

Good Luck Guys!!! :D

London Olympic Games will be officially open in just a few more hours time! I'm excited! Even though I might not even have the chance to follow it on TV due to the time difference.
Most of you who know me well knows that sports is possibly the only thing that makes me very patriotic. It's the only time I will say 'Malaysia Boleh'! I'm still the same old Malaysian sport fan although not as crazy as when I was younger and despite the fact that I'm no longer a sport journalist. I still read sport news most days and I can see many Malaysians are criticising the government for spoiling these athletes with all those incentives even before they win anything at the world's biggest sports event. Some of them are making it a point to say that is the reason we should vote against the government.
The Malaysian contingent to the Olympic Games in London.
To me, sport shouldn't be political at all! One should understand that it is not easy for these athletes to first qualify for the Olympic! Do you know how much of hard work and time they need to go through in years just to get to that stage? And of course it would be even harder to achieve a medal at the Games! Why can't they just deserve some incentives or just some moral push? If you think it is easy, go try train yourself up for Olympic now! Seriously, athletes are also human! They need encouragements, not criticism!
Frustration aside, I, for once am also feeling really glad that after so many years, we now can not only rely on badminton for a chance for an Olympic medal. In fact, I think this time around we should totally forget about badminton delivering anything to the nation. Archery, cycling and diving are the events that we can look forward to for Olympic medals, whichever colour it is. I know they are capable of it! They just need to keep their cool and don't stumble at some crucial moments.
Step aside badminton, all eyes will be on the diving, archery and cycling team this time around!
Most of my favourite athletes back when I was in school have retired but hey I still find Josiah Ng and Yeoh Ken Nee in the list and they are probably the only few I still have some contacts through FB! So to Josiah and Ken Nee, I wish you guys all the best and I can't wait to see you guys in action! :)
To the rest of the Malaysian contingent, GOOD LUCK & MALAYSIA BOLEH!!!

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