Friday, September 14, 2012

My Fake Mushroom Sauce Recipe

Deardo's mum left us some pieces of pork chops and it bothered me for a while as I wanted to do a western-styled pork chops dish but I have zero idea what kind of gravy should I make! I had bad experience using those powder-based gravy and I knew from beginning I have to find some recipe to make my own sauce. I wanted to do the Hainanese sauce but I have no HP Sauce or Worcester Sauce so in the end I trusted no one but myself to create a super simple fake mushroom sauce out of Oyster Sauce!

So here's what you need: 1 or 1 1/2 medium size onions, sliced mushrooms (canned or fresh), water, cornflour, oil, oyster sauce and black pepper to taste.

What to do:
1) Heat up some olive oil in a deep pan or a pot.
2) Add in the onion and simmer till they turned brown.
3) Add in the mushrooms and fry until they are slightly cooked.
4) Now add in some amount of water, depending on how many servings are you making for.
5) Add in enough oyster sauce (taste your gravy until you get the right taste).
6) As the water starts to boil, pour in the cornflour and water to thicken the sauce, continue to stir.
7) Add in some Coarse Black Pepper and you are done!

Pour the gravy over pork chop, chicken chop or even steak or pasta! Although it doesn't taste so much like the real western-styled mushroom sauce, this Chinese infused mushroom sauce actually tastes pretty good! The onion added a very nice scent to the gravy and the gravy was flavourful enough even when I only added some salt when pan-grilling the pork chop!
My pork chop dish is looking good!
Deardo and Deardo's sister enjoyed the Pork Chops with Fake Mushrooms Sauce, served with Stir-fried Baby French Beans and Potato, Eggs and Japanese Cucumber Salad a lot! I must say I'm also quite proud of my spontaneous try!:p
Phew~ At least my 'customers' were okay with the dish!
About a month ago, I have cooked my first dinner for our guests at our house when 4e said she wanted to pay a visit to my (not-so-completed) house. I don't see it as a house warming meal at all. Just a simple dinner for 4e, Uncle Mike, Ah Ma and also Ducum. I made everything that I've done before, just to be safe. But hey, these are dishes that they have never tried before!
Dinner is served! And oh... That ugly table is officially gone now! Hurray!
Very simple but delicious Shirlexia's signature dish Stir-fry Shrimps with Garlic and Lime Leaves! Deardo is madly in love with this dish.
Couscous to replace rice or pasta. Similar recipe here.
Oven Grilled Chicken Drumsticks with Nando's Marinate.
Chicpeas with Chorizo for a Spanish twist to our dinner. Recipe here.
I'm really glad my cooking the other night satisfied them all, except for Ah Ma probably, who isn't used to eating couscous.... I'm not sure yet when will we have a house-warming or will we even have one? But I'm still in a mood to cook for my guests even though it can be quite tiring lar!
So cheers~ For more cooking adventures to come! :)


Mack Shepperson said...

Those ingredients are not bad for a fake mushroom sauce. :) The ingredients are easy to put together. Well, I enjoy mushroom sauce with steak and vegetables, and you know what? They're really tasty!

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