Sunday, August 11, 2013

Another Breakie Place @ The Red BeanBag, Solaris Dutamas

By now you probably think I'm too obsess with Publika, isn't it? Well, well, well... Let me warn you, this is not the last food review from that awesome mall! :p
The always-crowded cafe located right outside Publika
I've heard of The Red BeanBag from Lea who first recommended me to the really awesome Coffee Societe. The Red BeanBag is actually growing into one of the famous breakfast places in the city so we made full use of the last fasting weekend to pay the place a visit. Fortunately, there weren't that much people and we got our table right away! :)
Simple yet rugged decor. 
Although the food menu only comes in one page, I had difficulties choosing the right one because they all sound good! We first ordered The Atlantic and My Crustacean Cousin then decided to add on their Specialty Baked Eggs later on.
Latte, RM9.
The Atlantic, RM22. 
My Crustacean Cousin, RM29. 
Specialty Baked Eggs, RM18. 
I personally love The Atlantic a lot! The toast was very well done, smoked salmon was fresh and the Hollandaise sauce was really yummy! While Deardo isn't very used to the pressed Tagliolini pasta used in My Crustacean Cousin, I thought it tastes not bad and the scallop was pretty fresh! As for the Baked Egg, which comes with egg, lamb bratswurst, potatoes, sundried tomatoes and cheese was pretty yummy, especially when you try it on the toast that comes with the dish. The only problem is, you feel a little sick after eating too much of it because of the cheese and the half-cooked egg. You see, I've already had two poached eggs in my dish earlier, so I was really feeling muak man! :S The latte was not bad too, although I still think Coffee Societe's has better coffee.
Us trying out another breakfast place! :)
While I personally think the food are not fantastic but still slightly above average, the same cannot be said about the service there. It is quite obvious that at least two of the service staffs were really rude and looked like they are so sick of servicing any of the customers and at least one were not well-trained and appeared to be very blur... Honestly, for such a famous cafe, that must really change or it will just scare people away. I mean, hey I paid for the bloody 10% service charge! 
Everything, together with the 10% service charge and 6% government tax, came up to a total of RM90.50, which is quite okay. But because Deardo was really unhappy about the services, we don't know if we will be going back or not...

The Red BeanBag
A4-1-08, Solaris Dutamas,
Jalan Dutamas 1,
50480 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-6211 5116


Hayley said...

Food looks good and presentable.
Well I think it's surely not easy to run a restaurant/cafe in KL/PJ, too many competitors!

ShiRLeXia said...

Definitely Hayley! You see those that I visited already quite a lot, and that's not all yet!