Friday, August 16, 2013

Super Easy Chawanmushi Recipe

Chawanmushi is one of my favourite Japanese dishes that I've set quite a high standard for them whenever I try them in different restaurants. I find most of them out there a bit too bland to my liking, while there are definitely some that are quite good.
I always know that it is actually a dish that it very easy to make, but I've never bother buying the right ingredients until recently when I finally bought Dashi stock and made them over the Raya long weekend. So here we go!

What you need: Approximately 1-2 eggs depending on how many portion you are making, water, Dashi stock, light soya sauce, Mirin or Sakae (optional), Shrimps, crab sticks, chicken cubes and Enoki mushrooms (you can choose to put any ingredients you like into the dish, some recipe have sliced Shitake instead, so it's totally freestyle!). 

What you do:
1) In a bowl, lightly beat an egg. Be sure not to have too much bubble yet.
2) Add in generous amount of water (you need the water to be about 3 times more than the egg to have smooth steamed egg).
3) Add in about 3 tablespoons of Dashi stock. Then some light soya sauce to taste. I didn't manage to buy any Mirin or Sakae, but if you have, add a dash of it in it too.
4) Now in a ceramic Chawanmushi cup (although I used a ceramic baking bowl), lay down your main ingredients.
5) Pour the egg mixture over the ingredients.
6) Steamed the dish in a pre-heated steamer or wok with water for about 20 minutes and you are done! 

I used two eggs for the two big portion of Chawanmushi I made and that makes the dish tasted really 'eggy' although it still turned out to be flavourful and smooth. I considered this as 90% successful! :)
I was so glad the egg was smooth and tasted really good! :)
It goes really well with rice, especially on a night where I made it a full Japanese dinner with some Japanese Curry Chicken with rice and my signature Potato Salad. Vivian was with us so that explained why I actually made such big dinner!
Our yummy home-cooked Japanese dinner! 
I certainly think everyone should try making their own Chawanmushi! It's so easy to make and more economical compared to eating those at the Japanese restaurants outside! So happy trying guys! :D


Hayley said...

Wow, really very easy!
Am going to try it some day!!

ShiRLeXia said...

Sure it's actually quite similar to the Chinese one, only this one needs the Dashi and Mirin! :)

ShiRLeXia said...

Sure it's actually quite similar to the Chinese one, only this one needs the Dashi and Mirin! :)

Yannie said...

ShiRleXia, thanks for sharing, I love this recipe, my two girls love chawanmushi. I must make this for them.

ShiRLeXia said...

That's really cool Yan!
Happy cooking! :)