Monday, August 26, 2013

Singapore in 2 Days

Deardo and I are aware and are still feeling sad that this year we won't be able to travel anywhere overseas due to the wedding. The wedding has taken away most of our savings and don't even think about honeymoon right after the wedding!
So when Deardo asked me if I wanted to tag along as he attend a training in Singapore last week, I jumped into the opportunity! I mean, all I need to worry about was the flight ticket, to have some money to spend on food and get boss to approve my short-notice leaves application!
We arrived at night and thank god for Ah Ku who picked us up and bought us a super yummy crab dinner, then the famous Chinatown porridge for supper... We definitely had a great start in Singapore!
Oh how had I miss you? 
For the next two days I stayed in the hotel while Deardo went for his training in the same hotel, doing things like a real 'tai tai'.
We had breakfast at the hotel's Executive Lounge, which is at the 29th floor of the building, looking down at the concrete jungle of the lion city. The food, though with limited choices, were awesome! Service too was superb I felt like such a VIP!
Really awesome breakfast to start my days! :)
And as Deardo went to his day-long training, I would go back to our room to watch Friends which I brought over from home. I'm re-watching the series since I didn't watch the complete series when I was younger and certainly enjoying the show A LOT!!! Then during lunch time, I would go down to the gym and work-out a little bit before taking a shower and going back the lounge for tea time! I am so crazily in love with their biscoti! So yummy and go so well with coffee! :)
Biscoti that I thick-facely asked for on the second day even when they were not at the buffet area. :p
We only had one full night in Singapore and we did A LOT OF WALKING. Actually, I think that is something I'm gonna miss about Singapore. They make sure there are pedestrian walkways everywhere and most importantly, it is extremely safe to walk in the city, even late at night! You have no idea how cool it was strolling in the city! We went from Orchard Road to Suntec City, then to Marina Bay Sand, then made our first visit to the gorgeous Avatar city of Singapore Gardens by the Bay!
If only I could go there again and go up the towers! 
Bubbling up my feet after the walk... 
I used to hate food in Singapore when I was younger and it's funny how now I kinda always look forward to the food there. While I still strongly believe our hawker food such as Bak Kut Teh, Wanton Mee, Fried Kuey Teow, etc are much better than theirs, it is undeniable that they have some really good foreign cuisines, especially Japanese.
Beef Noodles at the Food Court at Marina Bay's Shopping Centre is one of the best I've ever eaten! 

Tepanyaki @ Food Republic, Wisma Atria
This was our second visit as it was pretty unforgettable the first time we went end of last year. We never expect food court Tepanyaki to be so fantastic, really! Their gravy and I suspect some Sakae made the Tepanyaki extremely delicious!
Our sets of dinner! 
The generous amount of vegetables! I LIKE!!! 
I also love the fact that they aren't stingy at all in the vegetables to balance things up! :)
Hi! We are here again in less than a year time! 
The set that we had comes with a meat (lamb or beef), dory fish and prawns with vegetables cost us S$13.90 each and I think with or without converting back to RM, it was totally reasonable! 

Daikokuya Ramen @ Paragon Shopping Centre
We were looking for a place for early dinner before heading to the airport when we decided to give this restaurant a try. I do know that Singapore has a lot of famous Ramen chains now but I'm not sure if this is one of them.
Mentaimayo Gyoza, S$6.80.
Cha Shu Cha Cha Ramen, S$16.
Original Miso Ramen, S$14.90.
I think the Cha Shu Cha Cha Ramen is definitely quite good and something very different, but not too fantastic. I also love how they give their Gyoza a Mentaimayo twist but the gyoza weren't oily juicy enough lor... Surely, there must be better ramen in Singapore, right?

While we didn't begin the trip with shopping in mind, we couldn't help but bought some stuff in Singapore. I mean, the price for the branded stuff there are so much cheaper compare to the ones in Malaysia so why should we hold on to our wallet? :p
It was definitely a much needed break for me after a long long time. Though very short, I truly enjoyed the luxurious time I had in the hotel, love the little shopping, the food and most of all, the safety of the city! Singapore however, is sadly turning into a foreigners-invaded city where everywhere you go only two out of ten are real Singaporeans. Even hotel staffs are from China or the Philippines who either can't speak proper English or speak English with a heavy accent.
While I wished I have more time and money to stay longer and shop more, but for the time being, it was a great great Singaporean getaway for me!!!! :D

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