Tuesday, February 25, 2014

CNY 2014: The Fashion & Other Crazy Photos...


Even so, I think some of you who have been friends of mine or long-time readers of my blog are actually eagerly waiting for this entry on our family's tradition of CNY photo-shooting. And they are, in fact, truly D.I.Y yet much better, natural and funnier than those taken in the studio! :)

Anyway, I shall start with the OOTDs since they might be the least interesting few photos of this entry...
CNY Day 1:  Pink Cheongsam Flare Dress from mgplabel.com, nude pink pumps from Payless, bag from Gucci.
The dress was a very last minute purchase for CNY but was the most versatile Cheongsam-looking dress I've bought this year. The higher waistline makes me look a bit slimmer, isn't it? And I love the pumps a lot too. I like to call them my Kate Middleton's pumps! :p

CNY Day 2: Pink Floral Dress from Glam Stage, black heels from H&M, leopard print envelope clutch from Aldo and necklace from Diva.
Bought the dress probably half a year ago and Deardo was the one who really loves it and demanded that I must wear this during CNY! I especially love how vintage yet bright the dress is! :)

CNY Day 2 (night): Pink top from Padini, shorts from Zara, same black heels from H&M, same clutch from Aldo and my very old birdcage necklace possibly from Diva.
Changed into a casual look for a family dinner at home and it was simple and chic!

CNY Day 3: Colour-blocking Bodycon Dress from Doublewoot, Violet heels from Aldo, same clutch from Aldo and necklace from Lovisa
Looking extremely swollen here I think because had to wake up earlier for church... Anyway, this is an old dress but I really love the colour-contrasting of it. Also wanted a change from the usual flare dresses and red/pink on CNY so I picked this one to wear!

CNY Day 3 (night): Purple Lace Dress from Doublewoot, same black heels from H&M
Super love the lace details of the dress!!!

My family also had some OOTDs to show you!!!
Although I don't where they got their clothes from... LOL!
My super model sisters...
I know right, we all were super red and pink!!!

And now, for some of our random photos...
Tan sisters saying hi~! 
The Beatles crossing the zebra lines? Where are the zebra lines???
I don't know why...
Then you will see a series of my 'o' mouth...
'O' mouth no.2 as Shirlexia Monroe was in the making...
'O' mouth no.3 here to make this cute picture!
'O' again although I think I was trying to look fierce like ROAR~~~!
Look at the turquoise heels!!!
4e and Uncle Mike willingly volunteered for these okay! 
And now with Adrian, we all had to act cute! 
The magazine-cover wannabe~!
All the singles and non-singles ladies in the family!
Joining Ducum and her friends for some cute photos! 
Infernal Affairs movie poster, the parody! 
Totally ran out of idea already on how to pose...
Another remake of Infernal Affairs poster! 
See, I told you we were bored and don't know how to pose anymore!
This is suppose to show you the different Kung Fu styles, get it get it???
Our gang of people taking these crazy photos are definitely getting bigger every year yaw!!!
And I just realised although I've missed the first day of photo-taking (was with the in-laws), we took way too many photos after that! It's like I've missed the fun of the first day now have to take super a lot to make it back! LOL!!!

The one that is too serious.
The one that is still a tad too serious.
The one that is so cute of Papo! :)
The one that obviously the parent are having more fun than the children! LOL!
The one that should be able to make it to a fashion billboard ad.
The one that even Papo and Mamo were trying to act cool and sexay~!
The one that shows how cute and lovely our parent are! Love them!!!
So apart from magazine-like covers and all, this time we attempted something quite different...
Since last year we attempted a movie poster, this year we did a TVB drama poster, like the super old school ones...
Note the different directions we were looking at and how serious we look like, just like in the poster! Zero smile!
Boy I think we nailed it, like kaw kaw~!!! Psst... Truth is, we took at least 10 photos to get this nicest one! :p

Now, here comes the fun part. Jan Yi's camera has this 10 quick shots function and just for the fun of it, we kids had a try and the photos turned out to be super hilarious!!!

And for all you know, the adults also wanted to have some fun!!!
Seriously, still couldn't believe they actually did this.... Look at Papo!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA...

And then, let's have one together-gether lar!!!
Bunch of 'siao cha bo' and 'siao da bo'!!! 
But then again, it takes some really awesome and sporting people in a family to do these insanely funny stunts, so all I could say is, I'm so proud of them all! Hahahaha!!! :D

Well, I hope the Tan and Teh families didn't disappoint you this year around and we'll see you next year! :D

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