Sunday, March 30, 2014

Mostly OOTDs + Some Happenings

If you are following me on Instagram, you should be able to see some of my OOTDs. I don't do it on a daily basis, but whenever I feel like its a fresh coordinate or whenever I'm wearing a new piece, I'll do an OOTD.
So anyway, here are just the few OOTDs I have posted on IG over the past few months...
Wore this really elegant yet sexy dress with sheer details from Dressing Paula to Maggie's wedding and it really looks like I was standing on a red carpet isn't it? :p Clutch from Aldo, heels from Zara, earrings from Forever 21 and necklace from a bazaar.

Maggie's wedding was although a typical Chinese banquet, was quite an interesting one with a Doraemon theme, since she is an avid Daraemon fan.
Giant Poster backdrop and Dorayaki were just some of the highlights at the wedding.
Maggie was my classmates back then at The Voice Academy when we were both taking hosting courses with Karen also in the class. So the wedding was a great opportunity to catch up with our fellow classmates and teacher.

Some photos taken with old friends at the wedding!

Here's the next OOTD...
Got into the hang of long/maxi dresses ever since finding one for our wedding, and this black with gold polka dots maxi from Tee Too was the first casual one to join my wardrobe. Belt was an old one don't know from where, bag from Gucci (ah, Christmas gift from Deardo Wong yo~!) and old wedges from Charles & Keith.

This is me in a long sleeve (which is very rare) ombre effect top from i-Perfect, shorts from Zara and cute pastel purple and white show from Top Town Shoe and Gucci bag, as usual.

Also very rare that I wear long pants but I really couldn't resist this really nice patterned pants from Zara! I wore it with my old Cotton On peplum top, Charles & Keith wedges, Gucci bag and an old necklace.  

I saw this lovely jock-strap back dress in many online shops but I got mine from Kei Mag. It's proven that I recently just have a thing for details at the back! Heels from Zara, necklace from Promod, Gucci bag and an old headband. 

I was at Delicious for a hi-tea with Karen. Bought the Groupon deal to pamper ourselves with a relaxing Sunday hi-tea. Environment at Dua Residence was not bad despite the place looking a bit old but personally think the hi-tea is overrated. We ordered extra stuff though... Boy we must have been very hungry! :p
I called it us acting as 'tai tai' for a day! :p

Okay, enough of food commercial break...
Here I was wearing a really cool and unique dress from F Block with an old belt, Charles & Keith wedges, Gucci Bag and earrings from Forever 21. Check out the details on the dress cos they are the reason I actually bought the dress! 

And my latest addition to my maxi collection is this sweet yellow maxi from Mimosa Closet! Very girly and very Spring! I paired it with my H&M belt, sandals from Principle by Debenhams, Gucci bag and Diva headband. 

And then, I realised I didn't post anything about CNY this year except for our syok-sendiri fashion shoot!
Like it or not, it did feel weird during CNY as someone's wife and daughter-in-law. Reunion dinner with a different group of people with entirely different-looking dishes on the dining table was quite a sad experience but yea I guess a lot of you girls or women out there understand that it's just part of life. In fact we are actually quite lucky because we are from the same hometown! I can't imagine how is it like for couples who come from different parts of the country! :S
A rather quiet and small CNY reunion dinner this year.

I should say I was lucky enough that Deardo was open enough to bring me home for short gatherings with my family almost every night. So I still get to eat some of my favourite home-cooked from Mamo and Ah Ma! :) I was also sleeping with my sisters for about two nights and had great fun laughing to sleep! LOL!!!
Mamo's Red Wine soup is simply unbeatable. Period.

The craziest and funniest thing in this photo of us on bed together was that this photo was taken by our Papo! 

We also gave out Ang Pows for the first time as a married couple. Extra money spent but you know what, I had extra fun giving out Ang Pows! Forcing the kids in my family to say nice wishes to us before getting their red packets was super fun! Hahahaha... Love that session really! :p
Uncle Deardo preparing to give out some red packets!
I don't remember why all these photos came, I think it was totally Deardo's idea..
See, I think everyone had fun at the Ang Pows session! Haha! 
And Lil' Jolie getting her Ang Pow too from 'Au Mou'...

Finally, had our annual CNY gathering this time around at McDonalds just because we wanted to escape the crazy crowd in town! Only 4 of us made it this year and once again I think as the only girl there that day, I owe a lot to Deardo who have given me a lot of freedom during CNY because some other girls were just busy with their in-laws! :)
And we found out we were too old to have good selfie skills... LOL!

So to my dearest Lao Gong, thank you very much! I know we have love each other more since we got married and I hope this will continue to grow stronger! YOU KNOW I LUP YA~! *wink~*
Us during CNY this year! :D
More CNY photos here!

That's all for now, ciao~!


Hayley said...

I love wearing maxi dress too! But hardly find the chance to wear...

ShiRLeXia said...

Yea I truly understand. It's rather inconvenient walking around in it, especially when you are always with a kid!