Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Carbonara Pasta To-Die-For @ BreadFruits Fruit & Bakery, Sri Hartamas

I have a lot of food reviews kept under my list in which I have visited way before my Santorini trip so I thought it should be Ok to take a break, or two, from my trip's entries to post some of these up.
Be prepared to wait for your table!
So first up, BreadFruits, a bakery cafe that also sells fresh fruits in Sri Hartamas. It is definitely one of those brunch places that takes some time to get yourself a table so be there earlier or wait in the line.
The cafe prides itself in serving fresh produce, homemade stuff and free-range eggs. Of course, I think they also pride themselves as a non-halal cafe serving Chorizo (my favourite sausage yet) in stead of some random sausages in their breakfast set.
I was quite excited to try out their food and here are what we had...
Antipasto Breakfast Platter, RM26.80
We shared the Antipasto Breakfast Platter which comes with a variety of cold cuts, Chorizo sausage, cheese, bread, half-boiled eggs and a side of greens. Pretty satisfying if you love cold cuts and cheese!
Stirfry Up with Choice of Bacon, RM23.90. Additional sausage RM8.
Brunch Pasta with 7 Min Egg, RM17.80.
We chose our Stirfry Up with Bacon, but asked to add a sausage (additional RM8) too. It was not too bad a breakfast set I shall say, especially the fluffy scrambled eggs and the bread. The star though, is definitely the Brunch Pasta with 7 Minutes Egg. Linguine done al dente, with loads of bacon pieces, cherry tomatoes and mushroom plus some greens, the dish comes in a very light Carbonara sauce, so light you wouldn't believe you're eating Carbonara Sauce. You can get the extra creaminess from the half-boiled egg of course, which makes the dish all the more interesting and unique! In my personal opinion, that is, hands-down the best Carbonara Pasta I've ever had so far! 
Coffee, tea and fresh orange juice come with the breakfasts.
Although I wanted to give their honey based drinks a try, we were already stuffed with a lot of free drinks that comes with the breakfast. So maybe next time. :)
Together with service charge, we paid RM84.05, which is actually quite reasonable still. I wouldn't really complain too judging from the quality of the food, it's quite worth the money. Deinitely going back for more! :)

No.17, Jalan 26/70A,
Desa Sri Hartmas,
50480 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-62010090

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