Thursday, October 30, 2014

Simple Cream of Mushroom Soup Recipe

You know, growing up in a small town, the first cream soup we had is always the classic mushroom soup. And by 'classic' in a Malaysian term, that means canned Campbell Mushrooms Soup which Mamo would make for us on certain Western dinner nights. As kids, we loved those canned soup and thought that was the best thing that has ever happen to the world of food!!!

And then we grew up, like real fast and realised eh, Mushroom Soup out there aren't like that! And because of that, I've always wanted to make the real Cream of Mushroom Soup for my family to try, not only because I want to try, but also because it's actually pretty easy to make!

Finally, during my last trip back, I managed to do that with whatever ingredients I can find in Taiping!

So here's what you need: 
Butter, chopped onions and garlic, 3-5 types of fresh mushrooms of your choice (I used Shitake, white button and grey oyster mushrooms) roughly cut, 5-6 pieces of dried bay leaves, chicken broth (I made mine with chicken carcass of course), cooking cream, salt and black pepper to taste and parsley for garnishing

What to do:
1) In a large pan/pot, melt some butter.
2) Then add in the onion and garlic and simmer until they are soft/lightly brownish.
3) Dump all the mushrooms in and fry them for a little while.
4) Add in the bay leaves and continue stirring.
5) Now add in the broth and let them boil till at least your mushrooms are cooked.
6) Turn off the fire and remove the bay leaves from the dish. Let the mushroom + broth cool a little, maybe about 15 minutes.
7) Transfer the mixture into a blender, batch by batch. and blend according to your liking, if you like the mushroom pieces to be chunky make sure to not blend them for too long. Normally for me, it only takes 6-10 seconds.
8) Pour the blended mixture back to a pot, heat up, add cream, salt and pepper to taste.

Of course, you are done! Garnish with some dried parsley and a bit of cream and you are ready to go!
The mushrooms soup turn out to be thick, slightly chunky and has this sweet broth and nice fragrance from the bay leaves and butter. Super yummy, especially when you have it go with bread! Obviously, it is way better than any canned mushroom soup! I'm gonna make this more often!!! 


Yannie said...

Looks so delicious and good to me. Thumbs up to you.

ShiRLeXia said...

Thanks Yan!
You are way better than me in terms of baking!