Friday, October 24, 2014

Expecting the Unexpected

Late period, swollen and painful boobs. I knew something fishy is happening, so off we got a cheap pregnancy test kit from the pharmacy and did the test.

Turned out positive, I ran to him and showed him the result proudly. We were both overjoyed, hugged and had tears of joy!

Well, that's pretty much how almost all pregnancy stories started.

Nope, not ours.

When the test turned out positive, I was in disbelief  and very much in denial. A visit to the doctor later confirmed that I'm pregnant, of course, with both of us taking the news as a surprise, more than anything else. Our reaction was so different that the doctor actually thought we aren't married... LOL~!

Don't get us wrong, we plan to have kids, just that we didn't see it coming so soon. I mean, we have only been married for less than a year! Both of us have some plans both together and individually, e.g. more holidays, investing in a house, buying some stuff for ourselves which you know, may be impossible when you have a kid running in your house, juicing all the money out of your wallet, plus, the freedom and time you ought to have. Plus, we were leaving for our long-waited honeymoon in Santorini!!!

I remember crying discussing this with Deardo. Deardo as the not-so-emotional one of us two, told me hey, some people tried, tried and tried and couldn't even conceive, we are lucky to strike a baby so soon you know! Of course, by now I've accepted the fact that God wants to bless us with this gift and we should be very happy about it. In fact, the first time we saw our baby through the Ultrasound moving his/her hands like he/she was waving at us we already went all crazy and teary!

So here's a happy announcement from Deardo and I - We are expecting a baby! 

I'm not announcing this at 3 months only because of any superstitious but because I was freaking worry that the baby wouldn't survive in my tummy. I mean, I slipped walking at the Acropolis, tripped and almost fell walking on the street of Santorini and once in our Villa's stairs... Oh yes, that's how clumsy I am! So we finally went for a check-up and are so relief that the baby is still there alive despite staying in a clumsy mummy's womb! Phew~!
I slipped (luckily) on my knees while walking at the Acropolis...
So anyway, it wasn't make in Santorini. In fact, travelling with a baby inside me made the trip a little less fun. I struggled to walk too much, struggled to finish almost every meal and it was (and still) killing me that I can't drink coffee/tea and alcohol during my trip! And poor Deardo had to carry all the luggage all by himself throughout the journey. The consolation prize here is that this little fellar is such a lucky fellar, having traveled to Europe already at such a young age! LOL!
Nope, I didn't finish those big portion of pasta that's for sure! 
Deardo being a responsible daddy already during our trip! :p
Because this was an unplanned pregnancy, I'm still not armed with enough knowledge, dos and don'ts, etc about it. So your advises and experience sharing are very much welcomed! :)

And to my future son/daughter, if you have a chance to read this, you mustn't feel unwanted because mummy was just being her own drama queen self and possibly going through some hormonal changes too. Mummy sure loves you a lot and can't wait to hold you in my arms already! *muaks muaks~*


Yannie said...

Congrats, Shirlexia. So happy for you, it is true that pregnancy isn't really pleasant, I find it so. My two pregnancies too weren't pleasant. I suffered more than enjoyed them. All in all, you will find it worthy only when you hold your baby in your arms. Take care.

ShiRLeXia said...

Thanks a lot Yan for the well wishes! Yea I hope it won't bother me too much lar and hopefully it will be smoother after this. :)

LayJinG said...


ShiRLeXia said...

Thank you Lay Jing! :)