Monday, September 7, 2015

Lunch and Cake @ Huckleberry Food & Fare

So my office area has become more happening recently with a few more new cafes popping up, adding more options for breakfast and lunch. But urm... At a high price lah. Well, what's new lah, the area is already known to be like that anyway!
Had to steal this photo from The Yum List cos I'm too lazy to even walk over to snap a pic... :p
Huckleberry Food & Fare for instance, is one of the most talk-about bakery cafes recently. You can see the owner(s) spent quite a lot on making sure the place looks damn attractive. From the outside, it's quite normal white and glass, but be prepared to be amazed by the interior of the place! Fuhhh... So freaking grand, almost like you have arrived in a bakery in Paris! For all the money and effort spent aesthetically, I give them a BIG thumb-up!
And of I love their uniform too! 
Mind you, the place is always full house, like, almost everyday! They sell not only breads, cakes and danishes, they also have a simple hot food menu. You have to order and pay first though.
My colleague, Nellie and I were there for lunch so we skipped the breads and pastries, and went straight for hot food, wrapping the lunch up sharing a slice of cake.
Duck Bacon and Egg Pasta, RM25.90.
Old Fashion Burger, RM20.90.
I had the Duck Bacon and Egg Pasta, which is quite interesting cos there you have a poached egg with your pasta. I absolutely love the duck bacon - so tender and flavourful. But the pasta turned out to be a little too bland to my liking I had to ask for black pepper to go with it. What I like about Nellie's Old Fashion Burger was the side salad which I kinda helped her to finish LOL. The burger itself was very ordinary with the patty being too dry to my liking but taste wise it was better than the pasta dish.
Black Forest, RM12.90.
As for the Black Forest that we tried, it was pretty good! Not too sweet, especially with the fresh cherries that are a bit sourish, and I like how different the Black Forest looks like compared to the ones you normally see elsewhere. I later tried their apple tart which i really love too because of its thin crust, not-too-sweet apple with nice cinnamon scent all over. 
Hot Chocolate, RM9.90.
Cold Chocolate, RM10.90.
We weren't in a mood for coffee so both had hot and cold chocolate which were mediocre (Croisserie few doors down serves much better chocolate, trust me, one of the best). But I did try their coffee later on which I find them not too bad at all.
Nellie and I enjoying our fancy and pricey lunch...
We spent around RM85 for that lunch meal, which was very pricey but I guess for cafes standards, it's quite normal nowadays. But does the place deserves the fuss that is going on about them? For the pastries, cakes and coffee yes, for their service yes, for their fancy design yes but for the hot food nah...

Huckleberry Food & Fare 
2G & 4G, Plaza, Jalan Medan Setia 2,
Bukit Damansara,
50490 Damansara Heights,
Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-2098 7933


Hayley said...

That egg is the attraction, hehe!

ShiRLeXia said...

Lol! I know! Especially the colour!