Wednesday, April 9, 2008

I Love David!!!

For some reasons, I've been sticking to the American Idol lately and like many others, I think this year's quality was pretty good! Many say it's the best so far, I can't say that cos I didn't really follow the previous ones.
Alright, that wasn't the reason I wanted to write this blog post! I'm here to tell you, especially those in the States, to vote for David Archuleta!!! He is cute, charming, and has a GREAT voice! Best thing is, he is only freaking 16!!! I love him! Love him! Love him! Just yesterday, he did another great job singing Robbie William's Angels. Check this out!

Of course, I also love Jason Castro, the guy with the locks! He is sooooo sweet and sometimes, he really can sing! Like yesterday, he sang Over the Rainbow and it was awesome!

I gotta say the guys are much more better than the girls this time! I love the other David too, David Cook, and then Michael Johns. The girls... I only like Brooke, but she's not that consistent. I HATE THAT CHRISTY LEE COOK! SHE IS NOTHING OTHER THAN A PRETTY FACE! SHE BETTA GET VOTED OUT THIS WEEK!!!
AND... I'm praying hard that a guy would win this one, because they bloody deserve it!

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Anonymous said...

yea, i was accidently watched that show yesterday. and i was attracted by david. Gosh he sing very well, and guess what... he is only 16!! cant really belive that.