Thursday, April 24, 2008

A Mighty Heart

As I stay at home to stuff myself up with loads of food, or to say, being stuffed with loads of food, I also watched a movie that has yet to go on Malaysia's cinema, A Mighty Heart. Some of you may notice, I’ve read the book long time ago (click to see my review) and was amazed with the whole story, so I was already very excited when I got to know they are making a movie out of it and can’t wait to watch it!
So I guess you could guess why I get to watch it before it appear in Malaysia’s cinema. Well, although I saw the poster at the cinema, I really am still doubting the possibility of it being play in Malaysia’s cinema.
A Mighty Heart is based on the same titled book Marianne Pearl wrote on her experience of losing her husband in Pakistan to some terrorists who had beheaded him and uploaded the video on the internet. It’s a true story and it was quite a big news back then. I love the book because it was really cool following the whole journey and you could feel Marianne was so strong facing all the things that happened.
The movie of course wasn’t as detail as the book, but they had made the effort, they have the right place, right atmosphere, and the right actors. You know I never liked Angelina Jolie, but really, she did such a great job in this movie! And I think I can really feel it for Marianne more through this movie, especially when they told her her husband was beheaded and cut into pieces… I was actually saying the F word hearing all that, I feel really bad.
This is a really good movie that you shouldn’t miss!