Friday, April 18, 2008

Shirlexia is a bloody quitter!

...And that's before I even get a new job.
Most of you must be shock. Some of you may have know that wasn't my sudden decision. It was just that I finally decided to do that after getting approval from my dear dad. I LOVE YOU, PA!!!
Donald Trump: You're fired!
Shirlexia: You're fired too!

Anywayz, after really doing it, I feel really weird, I really don't know what kinda feelings that is. I actually had tears in my eyes on my way home from the office this morning after handling in my resignation letter and was told I have enough of leaves and can leave straight away.

Sport journalist was like a dream job of mine, although it was actually a different story all together when I really got into it, my heart is still there, I am still very much a sport fan. I guess I will still miss it a little bit, and also my lovely colleagues who were pretty much taking good care of me when I was there. And my boss... Well, what can I say, although I was damn scared of him, I know deep in my heart, he is a nice boss. I feel really bad that I didn't get to see them and say goodbye to them because I had to rush back for an interview. Really really hope that I can make a date and go have dinner with them one day, really. I WILL MISS THEM!!!

So... Enough of all the sad things. Now that I'm jobless, I want to keep myself positive. I want to be confident that I will get a job very soon. I want to make sure I do some meaningful things during this break... I should clean my room, start re-doing my Project S, go home for a break(damn, have to go have the ginseng or whatever seng, pat tin or whatever pat, life in KL was just damn unhealthy), yea and have to start having a healthier life and take this opportunity to work-out more, and of course I will have to spend less during this period of time.

The next thing I'm going to announce is...
... Just for a short one-week break.
And yes, I was like Yoo~~Hoo~~ So excited when I confirmed my flight ticket! Can't wait man, I can't wait!!!
I'm going to take as many photos as possible, so that I can flip through them again and again when I miss Perth. Yee~~Haaa~~

So, it was a co-incident that Irene returned today and we all went out for some kinda celebration! Look at the food!! Gosh!!!

Last but not least, do tell me of any job vacancies. I'm even looking forward to some part-time or freelance job, be it translations, any writings, extra in a movie or drama, modeling(if you dare, hehe) and you can even try me on emcee-ing!

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Anonymous said...

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