Saturday, August 22, 2009

Around 3 countries in 5 days Final Part

Day 5 - Hong Kong==>Macau==>KL
So, we are finally in our final part of my trip to 3 different countries!
On day 5, Karen and I woke up earlier because we know we wanted to go for breakfast and have a last minute shopping around Mong Kok before checking out the hostel at 12pm. We had breakfast at a Char Can Teng in Mong Kok I didn't bother to write down the name lar.It seems like Aunty Karen love ham and egg a lot! :p
My 出前一丁with ham and satay beef! Yummy but without vege...:(
Haha, by now, I think I've drank milk tea almost everyday in Hong Kong~! I supposed Char Can Teng food are pretty cute and cool to try. I mean where else can you find pasta in soup? But like I've said earlier, I really prefer them to come with some vegetables... I really cannot use to having a meal without any vege.
Unfortunately most shops were still closed even after we had our breakfast. Luckily we found Cotton On! Yea, this one even bigger than the one at Tsim Sha Tsui! So yea, there you go, HKD700 plus spent but I'm all happy about it.
Gosh we shopped so much! And when we got back to the hostel, we were like rushing against time to take shower and packed everything. Even after we checked-out, we left our luggages in the hostel and went to Giordano to get some t-shirts! :pA night before we left, our little room was full of stuff we bought!
Of course, that means we are already late according to our schedule. Luckily the ferry to Macau was faster this time, probably because there weren't any rain. In order to not miss our pork chop bun(猪扒包), we quickly hopped onto a taxi and went to the airport to leave our heavy luggages there and sped off to Taipa!
Ohyea, our Macau schedule was fully planned by Yve Vonn, who was there few months back. So thanks yea! :) But we skipped the lunch at one of the Portugese restaurants lar, since we were already late for the pork chop bun. So we arrived at Dai Lei Noi Gei大利内记,the very famous place selling the very famous pork chop bun! If I'm not mistaken, this place is crowded every single day...
They only start selling the pork chop bun every afternoon at 3pm. We arrived at around 3.30pm or so and yes, we got ourselves two pork chop buns! Yay~! But mind you, when we were eating our buns, which was around 4pm, they were all sold out! 劲咧?OMG the texture of the bun is so special and delicious! And the pork chop is just nicely cooked!!!
Cuttlefish with curry, very different compared to those we have in Malaysia.
Yay~ The PORK CHOP BUN is 超级无敌好吃啊~!
Honestly, I was already very very tired by the time we were in Macau. I have like few bubbles on my feet, and they doesn't feel like they are mine! But I guess Aunty Karen was pretty excited to get her almond biscuits at Koi Kei钜记,so we walked around and got the biscuits at the very crowded shop. I didn't have much mood to look around, but I think Macau is so damn peaceful. Not many cars, people around are mostly tourists, and the whole place is so bloody clean!
Next up, we walked our way to The Venetian Macau Resort-Hotel to catch the free shuttle bus to the Macau airport. Yea, that's also thanks to Yve Vonn's guidance. Of course we walked past the Casino inside but we didn't try our luck lar, neither of us has the money or the energy to do that lar. All we wanted to do was to sit down and REST!!! The very classy Venetian Casino-cum-hotel.
Okay lar, I took one outsiede the hotel where we waited for the bus to come.
And so we ended our fun-filled but exhausting trip...With some real Portugese egg tarts before we board our flight. Very special indeed.
Say bye to Macau~! :)
Wahahaha... *rub hands* Proudly, I'm now showing you the stuff I bought from my trip~! My whole loads of 战利品!Woooo~hoooo~~~!The food department: Most of them not for me lar. But I spent about RM200 plus for the scallops snacks! Mum is gonna shake her head... Kekekeke...
The clothes department: Including some for my family members lar. But I LOVE HONG KONG FASHION!!!
These are the FCUK stuff I got for less than RM200! Loving them!
The shoes department: Okay, I can explain! One of the Crocs is mum's the sport shoe is mum's, one of the slippers will be either mum's or Vivian's, and the checkerboxed shoe is Vivian's.
I tell you lar, I got the two big boxes of mask (25 pieces each) for NT$499!!! Bloody cheap, right???

All this while my dream country to travel to is Taiwan. I always hope I can spend like about 2 weeks time to tour around Taiwan. But all of a sudden Karen asked me to join her for the trip to Macau-Hong Kong, and so I decided to push Taiwan till later. I've always prefer Taiwan because I thought Hong Kong would be expensive. But hey, it turned out, they are still ok lar! Accommodation wise, can't help, really is a bit expensive for that tiny little room. But then I had such great fun in Hong Kong! THE SHOPPING WAS AWESOME! I mean, maybe we should go every end of summer just to grab the cheap stuff there lar! :p The transportation, the security are also good. Of course food wise, we didn't get to try too much of them. If given a chance to go to Hong Kong again OMG I wanna try the 乳鸽(pigeon), the beef noodles, the wonton noodles, the 车仔面(Che Zai Noodles), etc... I definitely think Hong Kong is a great place to travel, it's just probably not the right place for me to live in.
As for Taiwan, because I only get to walk around the busy Xi Men Ding, I cannot tell you much. All I know is I was so lucky to get a pair of Crocs for bloody NT$999 there! Ah, and the mask there is freaking cheap I hope XT would get me somemore when she travels there next month! Would you, XT???
Ah, come on, I wanna go Taiwan again to really travel lar~!!!

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diaLoG wiTh tH3 c@t said...

HAhahaha....of course I will Miss Prawn,NT$499 is damn cheap de neh~
i wana buy oso...
Cham,i'll be damn broke after Taiwan
I ady hv long list of things I wan 2buy.
I wana go HK next year!Let's go shopping 2gether =P

ShiRLeXia said...

You sure or not? That two boxes of mask aren't very light oh~!
By the way, I would like to remind you to bring recycle bag oh, cos some of the places there they now charge for plastic bags oh~!
Are you serious? If you are maybe I should start planning properly liao... Hehehehe...

chuanyee said...

I wan to taste the pork chop bun!!!!!!!

ShiRLeXia said...

Hehehe... That one have to go all the way to Macau to eat lar, I cannot ta bao~!