Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Around 3 countries in 5 days! Part 1

My new passport is now full of stamp chops just because I went to 3 countries in 5 days! Phew~!
Oh... I'm sooooooo bloody exhausted I can just fall asleep now and sleep like a pig! Well you can imagine, I really traveled to three countries in five days! From the original Macau-Hong Kong trip, there was a surprise and last minute plan to the other country!
Well, to be honest, you can't do much with such limited time, so Karen and I basically planned the trip beforehand, specifying certain places that we want to go! So, we had a trip filled with nice places we wanted to visit, and some food we wanted to try, even movie we wanted to watch... Very fully packed schedule but in the end it was a very satisfying and fun trip!
Okay, before I hit the bed for a nice sleep, here's Part 1 of the entire trip!无惧H1N1, Hong Kong, here we come!!!
Day 1 - KL==>Macau==>Hong Kong
Have to leave the house at bloody 3am, that was basically how I started my 'sleep not enough' trip! Arrived in the rainy Macau at about 10 something, took ferry to Hong Kong. The rain made the ferry shakes like crazy and I almost threw out! That was before the ferry started moving and I was still feeling perfectly ok!
Quickly check-into the hostel at Mong Kok (旺角) and went out for our very late lunch - Hong Kong famous street snacks! Karen had her Sotong while I had the smelly taufu(臭豆腐)and pork intestines (炸大肠)! The smelly taufu isn't smelly enough lar, but for the first time I had the pork intestines, it was awesome!!! Yummy~yummy~! Yea, but high in cholestrol I know...
臭豆腐&炸大肠,MUST TRY in Hong Kong!
Ooooohhhhh... Shirlexia is loving the smelly taufu!!!
We then had a walk around Mong Kok. This is where you get the Lui Yan Gai (女人街) and Bo Hai Gai (波鞋街)! So... What else are we waiting for??? Let's start shopping!!! But we spent like hours walking round and round to reach the Bo Hai Gai and to finally find out it's just right behind the hostel we were staying... ==||| Honestly speaking, not all the shoes here are cheap, but some I must say probably cheaper than in Malaysia for about less than RM100 lar. But I can assure you in Hong Kong, the design are cooler! Oh come on, Malaysia cannot beat Hong Kong in terms of fashion lar! Anywayz, I only found a pair of jogging shoes for mum and couldn't find a nice and cheap one for Ducum... Reminds me of Hong Kong dramas...
This is what I feel about Hong Kong, or Mong Kok... So bloody packed... Everything is like squeezed together!
Lui Yan Gai sells these special costumes...
The Bo Hai Gai! Look, there is my Michael Ballack!!!
It was Karen's 2x birthday that day! Hahaha... OMG Karen you're so old! Kakakakaka... But it was cool to celebrate birthday in Hong Kong, right? Even cooler to celebrate it with me, isn't it? So she got a Mango Cheese Cake for her birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY again my Hao Jie Mei! :)Same old pose again... ==|||
And then 马Ca(Xiao Ma's fan)came to say hi and led us to Tsim Sha Tsui to meet Bear (马小啤, also another Xiao Ma's fan lar). You know it was exciting to meet them for the first time after knowing them for about 3 years on the internet! Bear would be our tour guide of the night. She brought Karen and I to the Star Walk where there were a pretty cool light performance introducing the buildings in Hong Kong. And then we went on to see the 'stars' on the Star Walk...Reminds me of Hong Kong action movies...
Urm... Thank you! I would like to thank the director for giving me the chance, thanks to everyone of the crew and cast. To my family, friends and fans... Thanks you~! Muaks...
One day I would like to attend the HK Film Award and meet the film stars!!!
Michael Hui! I almost went to his talk show a week ago! To me, Michael Hui is the best and Stephen Chow can never beat him!
Bruce Lee is soooooo COOL!!!
Jacky Cheong!!! Please come to Malaysia for a concert!!!
It was already 9 something! I can't wait any longer for dinner!!! And thank god Bear got us to eat something special that you might not be able to find in Malaysia! We went for Teochew food! Haha, it's funny I'm a Teochew but I had never tried all these dishes! Anywayz, it's called 'Da Lang' (打冷) where the dish is cold when it is served. I love the food there! And Bear and I had to finished them off as Karen stopped eating pretty fast. Well, it seems like Bear and I are the 'same creatures'! WE DO NOT WASTE FOOD! :pLocated at Tsim Sha Tsui, this is the restaurant we had our first dinner in Hong Kong.
Appetizer... The sour vege was really nice!
That's the 'cold plate', with some really yummy stuff. I tried the duck kidney for the first time and actually love it! Hahaha... Definitely hard for you to find food that I dislike! :p
杂菜粉丝煲Claypot Mixed Vege with Tang Hoon. Very different compared to those we have in Malaysia.
咸菜蒸腊鱼, some Teochew special fish with salted vege, one of my favourite of the night!
蚝饼, a bit like our Ochean, but taste rather different...
Catching up with Bear, so far the craziest Xiao Ma's fan I know... Kekekeke...
We also strolled past Tsim Sha Tsui and it is definitely not as packed as Mong Kok. Bear shown us some nice places to do our shopping (oh yes, some of the shops are so cute) but because it was already late, we've decided to come back on Sunday to do our shopping here in stead of the high-end fashion shops in Zhung Wan (中环)and Tong Luo Wan (铜锣湾). Another thing Karen and I figured was, guys in Hong Kong are cuter and taller than Malaysian lar! I'm so fucking serious!!!ISA!!! The three letters Malaysians are so cautious about appears in Hong Kong!
And apparently ISA is a branded shop in Hong Kong!
Hui Lao San, a very famous dessert shop in Hong Kong, you can see them everywhere! Bear treated us dessert! :)
The very famous 重庆大厦,this is where Wong Kar Wai shot his famous Zhong King Express!
And then we got back to Mong Kok, to the very famous mall there called Long Hou Fong (朗豪坊)where we had already bought a movie ticket earlier... We were going to watch a late night movie in Hong Kong!!! Long Hou Fang has one of the longest escalaters in Asia!
Bla Bla Bra is quite a cool name for a bra boutique I must say...
Wahahahaha... We watched Laughing Gor before you all do later! So... If you are only going to watch the movie when it is on here in Malaysia on the 20th (wahahahaha, I watched it on the 15th!) and don't want to know much about the story, then I would advice you to skip the following little part of my movie review! :pThis is how a cinema in Hong Kong looks like...
Laughing Gor之变节
其实我对这部电影没有太高期望,只是一心要去支持Laughing Gor。好久以前就开始很喜欢谢天华,他现在总算红了真的很替他高兴,当然也要以行动支持啦!

Day 2 in Hong Kong
Another rainy morning! Haih... So we started our day later than our planned schedule. Still, we went for our much-waited Dim Sum session at Dou Heong, which is located near where we stayed. Dou Heong is a modern-looking restaurant with not-too-bad Dim Sum and reasonable price too. But as we came to Hong Kong, we had to go along with their culture--Dap Toi (搭台), we shared the big table with some uncles who would then sweared throughout their breakfast session... So we got ' Ding' and 'Diu' all along with our 'Dim Sum'! Hehehehe... See, I told ya its modern-looking...
Anywayz, the two of us ordered...Luo Bak Gou萝卜糕。
Century Eggs with pork porridge 皮蛋瘦肉粥。
Char Siew Cheong Fun 叉烧肠粉。
Nai Wong Bao 奶皇包。
Fong Chao凤爪。
Har Gao虾饺。
Steamed Pai Kuat蒸排骨。
Siu Mai烧卖。
Very satisfying breakfast indeed. I love the Lo Bak Gou, Har Gao and Pai Kuat a lot! OMG especially the Pai Kuat! Missing that so so much! And the Lo Bak Gou! There were pieces of something like Bacon in it! So different and yummy! The Char Siew Cheong Fun was my least favourite. The 'Fun' itself wasn't soft enough. And we only spent about HKD107 there, which means it's only about RM50! Not too bad, isn't it?
Next stop... Wong Dai Xin (黄大仙), a place Karen demanded to go! Unfortunately, most parts of the temple is under renovation, so we cannot even go into the temple to pray. Everything was done outside, including求签!I got two中吉签,which means mid upper lar, for both relationship and career. Oh come on, I've heard about that since earlier this year! None of them come true yet! Where? Where is my prince charming? Where? Where is my dream job? The Sifu said 'he' is coming wor... So, we shall wait lar yea! :pWong Dai Xin, you heard about that a lot in Hong Kong dramas too...
See... Aunty Karen still busy asking for a prince charming... Faham-faham lar, she wants to find a rich man mah... Kakakaka....
I cannot believe we were still very much on time for Disneyland after such delay because of the bloody rain! Okay, the Disneyland trip was also demanded by our already 2x aunty Karen! Kakakaka... No, I'm bloody serious! She is like few years older than me but she is so firm on going to Disneyland to take a picture with... Oh shit, is he Winnie or Pooh? See, I don't even know the name! Nevermind, Karen gave me a treat on the Disneyland ticket, so thank you so much
lar!The train to Disneyland was specially design! So cute!
So here I am in Disneyland~!
Aunty Karen looking so happy to finally snap a shot with Winnie? Pooh???
I really don't fancy taking pictures with the cartoons characters there. But I enjoyed the real persons there. There was this Leng Chai at the Adventure World, although he is quite short(aih, all Leng Chai are short lar nowadays, sigh~), but he is so damn cool and cute, especially when he smiles!*blush blush~*Oh yea, his name is Michael lar... Hello Micheal! Here's a Leng Lui who thinks you are cute! Hehehehehe...See... That's the cute Michael....*blush again~*
He is also quite cute... But he doesn't wear a name tag, so I don't know what's his name... Hehe...
Karen and I both thought working in Disneyland must be damn fun lor! You see their uniform are all very cute and cool! I especially would love to be like Michael, working as the tour guide at the Adventure World. The way they deliver the presentation was so cute and funny! I can definitely handle that! In all three languages they have indeed! Mandarin and English not a problem, Cantonese... Can be improved! And best of all I can see Michael everyday! Hahahaha... :pSee... Their uniform are soooo cool lar!
I also enjoyed the 3D thingy there! It's so cool! You know you can feel the wind and the water throughout the show? Damn cool man! We also went to the Space Rider which is a bit of an indoor roller coaster. I honestly don't really know how scary it is because... I shut my eyes almost the whole journey!!! Hahahaha...3D movie was cooler than expected!
You know how it is like having a ride on the Space Rider???
Like this...
No lar... I'm sure you know we were only 'acting' because we knew there were camera snapping... We weren't that scared lar... :p

Before I left Karen alone to rush to the airport later in the afternoon, I shopped like crazy in the shops in Disneyland. OMG they have like the coolest cartoon t-shirts in there! And other surviniers are really cute too, well... of course not very cheap, but it's Disneyland lar, mate! The main street, I think its called American Street or something... This is where I went crazy shopping lar!
Here you have, the sweetest shop and the sweetest girl! Hehehehe...
So till then, please wait for my next post for the next part of the journey. For more of the pictures, you are welcome to visit my Facebook! I have all the nice and clearer pictures uploaded over there! :)


diaLoG wiTh tH3 c@t said...

Hong Kong is damn FUN de neh~
I muz list it in my next trip =D
And hor, u ate so much in HK how come stil can lose weight?!
I din know tat u Love Chao Tao Fu... ==lll

ShiRLeXia said...

Yup~! You should go lar one day!
I'm not sure lar, but I really did ate a lot...
You don't like Chao Tao Fu???

Lay JinG said...

Oh, so good try smelly taufu at HK! haha~can watch HK movie at HK, shiok la!

ShiRLeXia said...

Haha Lay Jing,
I can tell you almost everything in HK is shiok!:p

Anonymous said...

Ok here come the 2x aunty karen....

感谢感谢咯,认真的这次真的很棒咯,aunty 有人陪wor....有你请我去看戏,还有你的香港朋友不错很nice,难忘的生日:)
shopping 也是,来不及shop 完....

stop calling me aunty !!!!

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chuanyee said...

I wish I could visit Hong Kong soon!!! my lovely city...visit my favorite singers, actors,actress....omg! its so funnnn

ShiRLeXia said...

How are you going to visit those people? Do you know where they stay?

Kun said...

Accidently came to your blog. What an exciting trip!! But no offense, HK, Macao, Taiwan are three countries? They should all belong to China,though Taiwan is kind of hard to tell in future. Anyway,your life is so colorful and happy, which in some way let the readers feel happy too!!!