Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Chola is bloody GOOD la~!

Chola is an Indian restaurant located just few steps away from my house. We've always ignored it until lately we decided to give it a try and we just fell completely in love with the restaurant. Mind you, this is not a Mamak stall, it's REAL Indian food with a mixture of stuff you can get at the mamak stall lar.
So one day Ducum, I Rene and I decided to go and took some pictures just to tell you guys how good the food there are...Chola at a glance... Very nice and clean!
First thing I must recommend is their tea! Whether teh tarik, teh ais or teh-o and teh-o ais, they are all REALLY GOOD!!! It's just really different compared to the ones you usually have at the Mamak stall. I suspect they use the real Chai from India, but I'm not sure!
We always have the very satisfied look on our face after having a sip of the tea at Chola~!
I think the Capati also tastes really different and nice, while Ducum's all-time favourite is their Mushroom Fried Rice. The Roti Canai is also extra thin and very very yummy~! They always have a variety of stuff for you to eat with your Banana Leaves Rice or normal rice. I always love their vege dishes and their mutton! If you are lucky, you might get seafood like curry shrimps or sotong on some particular days! Now, that's not something you can always get from a Mamak stall, isn't it?We got long beans to eat with our main dish!
And the Curry Mutton are always superb!
Ducum's favourite Mushroom Fried Rice~!
Banana Leaves Rice is RM5.00 and there is unlimited refill of rice and the veges!
Capati is one of my favourite food lately, hehehe... Not so fattening mah~! :p
Aloo Gobi Masala is the one dish we specially ordered that day. Well, we can't really take the thick curry powder but maybe that's just how the Indians like it!
If you are craving for some Indian food, not the ordinary stuff you get at the Mamak stall, Chola here at PJS 11 is surely the right place to go. You get all very weird looking names on the menu from their food till their drinks! And... And... They have Lassi! Very nice Lassi!!! The restaurant itself is air-conditioned, very comfortable to dine in, and very clean too! Price wise, of course a bit more expensive compared to Mamak stall, but then still considered reasonable lar, especially when you come to think of it, you only pay extra few cents, and you get better food and better dining environment! So why not?
Oh by the way, if you wanna drop by to try Chola, do give me a call! I might just be around the corner hey~!

Bonus pictures:
Ducum took these pictures of me with my 'striking' pose that day when we were walking out to Chola. Somehow with that pair of shoes I just love to pose like a ballerina... This time even with my polka dots umbrella! :pNo... I don't know nothing about ballet...
Nice butt Shirlexia, nice butt~! :p


RayNic said...

haha, u pose like marry popins...2009 version.

ShiRLeXia said...

Hahaha... I'm Shirlexia Popins!