Monday, October 5, 2009

500 Days of Summer (I prefer Yoon Sang Hyun!)

Despite working 7 days a week nowadays, I finally managed to catch a movie at the cinema yesterday~!
500 Days of Summer
Well, to be honest, this is not my kinda movie lar. I mean, it just looks like some cutie love stories... But I was so excited about it just because of Zooey Deschanel! I love her!
The movie started off great, with all the graphics, visuals of the two main characters when they were kids, and the really cool song. Of course, we were warned, this is not a love story...
I like how the movie was presented, I like the graphics and effects, etc. But its just really an average movie, which was quite disappointing lar. But I got the message at least, it is a story about love, love that is unexpected, unpredictable, and love that you can never say who's right and who's wrong. If I tell you, it's not a happy ending, are you still going to watch it? Well, I tell ya, the truth is, the two main characters didn't end up as a couple... :(
I know, how sad is that? But that is part of the message the movie is trying to tell ya!
I don't know, I guess if you want something simple, then perhaps this might be the movie you wanna catch! :)

By the way, has anyone watch Accident 意外? I'm still deciding whether to watch it or not. Tell me if it is worth a watch or not!
In love with Yoon Sang Hyun
That's not a movie title lar!
I'm not really a fan of Korean drama, seriously. While all the young kids fell crazily in love with the Flower Boys (e.g my cousin sis Jan Yi), I have no intention at all to watch the over-rated drama. Well, I guess age plays a part here. I'm not like 16 years old anymore, right?
But recently as I watch My Fair Lady拜托小姐 solely because of the main actress Yoon Eun Hye尹恩惠,who is so far my favourite Korean actress of all, I fell head over heels for the main actor Yoon Sang Hyun尹尚贤that I'm now watching his video and listening to his songs every day! I think he is a bit like Jang Hyuk 张赫(guess that's why I like him), but well, at least he is 36 and he is single~! LOL! :p
I think I'm just so over with cute young boys lar. Yoon Sang Hyun is 36, he is good-looking, he is 'man', he is tall, he has good acting skills (I cried almost everytime he cries in the drama), and OMG he can sing SO SO WELL~! I'm so totally in love with his voice now!!!Awwww~! Ya know, I have a softer side for talented guys~! *grin~*

A song that has made Yoon Sang Hyun so bloody famous in Korea, Never Ending Story.

One of the songs in the drama, 不得不爱,my personal favourite! :)
This is Romance, a duet with Yoon Eun Hye.

Best of all, to see both my favourite actor and actress act as a couple is just a total joy~! I was like literally screaming when I saw their first kissing scene!
Anywayz, check out more about Yoon Sang Hyun, girls!
To Yoon Sang Hyun Shi, you have a crazy fan here in Malaysia! I LOVE YOU~!
Hmmmmm... Now I'm thinking of learning Korean language. But then... How about my 'half-bucket-water' Japanese? And what about French? Which one???


Lay JinG said...

haha... so in love with yoon sang hyun? I havent watch this korean drama, so nice ah? hehe~

ShiRLeXia said...

I love guys like him lar, very stylish and 'man' enough!
The drama ok-ok lar, a lot of Koreans didn't like it though, if you read from the news. But since the two actors also my favourite, I keep on following it lor.
If you watch then maybe you will like Yoon Sang Hyun too! :p

chuanyee said...

dun easily get influence....u should learn french, very useful..I have learned 1/

ShiRLeXia said...

What, you mean you only know bonjour and j'tame is it?

bboy ady said...

apa pun mahu

ShiRLeXia said...

Hey Ady,
That's 女人的专利!

SSnoopy501 said...

i aint korean drama fan la. i only watched 2 drama series. BOF & coffee prince.
and that day i watched one episode of my fair lady. OMOMMMMMGGGGGG...!!!! its damn nice. but timing not right cannot follow the series :(
so right, i watched 2 shows of yoon eun hye.
haha.. i didnt know youre also some korean actress & actor fan.

but right... the guy i am crazy over like nobody's business aint the actor of BOF.
I think right... if like the guy you really like, the first time you see him you will already fall head over heels right away. right?

the first time i see him in the group, that second i notice him and then....

oh and....i bought TONS of magazine of that group then always also have your that xiao ma group too.


this is why my spm is going to be very very terrible. :(

ShiRLeXia said...

At first I was like... Who is this Snoopy something???
Anywayz... I'm not really that crazy about Korean actors lar, it's just that after watching MFL I fell so in love with the guy, that's it ok!
Luckily my Yoon Sang Hyun isn't those very 'idol' one, so I don't need to spend so much on magazines, hehehhe...

Oh oh... SPM coming!!!

SSnoopy501 said...

me too man. I'm not crazy over korean actors or anything else. just one Group of male singers & a particular dude from that group.

your yoon sang hyun guy, is one of the koreans that actually looks manly. most of them looks very feminine.

where do you follow the show? astro?
haha.i'm watching now. OMG
OMG OMG!!!! haha!!! HAHAHA. he so cute!!!

ShiRLeXia said...

I follow the show online lar...
You watching the show? Or you're watching your guy's show?

SSnoopy501 said...

my fair lady. when i was typing the previous comment, i was watching. then suddenly the part they kiss. haha. OMG.

you know what? my frens' mum passed away on tues. :(
and its like 3 more weeks to spm.
so kesian

ShiRLeXia said...

OMG! You say the kissing part? I was screaming watching that scene!!!

Oh... That's really sad, and your friend is still so young... :(