Sunday, October 4, 2009

How I spent my 25th birthday...

Hellllllooooo~! *scream~~~*
Phew~ Did you guys ever notice that I had just broke my own 'lowest blog post record in a month' last month? ONLY SEVEN BLOODY POST!!!
Haih... What can I say? It's just my turn to be SUPER DUPERLY BUSY at work! I'm actually not done yet with them, still rushing ahead before the dateline on the 15th of the month! Aaaaarrrrhhhh...
I'm going crazy I think... :(
Anywayz, I'm sacrificing my sleeping time to update my lovely blog (haha, at least I think so~) a bit.
Here's a bit of a late post on my 25th birthday's bashes... (Note: due to the 'lateness', I'm a bit out of mood to crap about it now, so I'm only doing a very simple one here...)

Date: September 25, 2009
Location: Pasta Zanmai, Sunway PyramidThe dress was my favourite buy from Singapore way back in March but I was only wearing it for the first time!
Is it a good thing or a bad thing when it is my birthday, but I actually celebrated with my sister's friends? Answer: Unknown. Well, maybe it's cool to be around younger people... Who knows? I might even look like I'm their age? Or even younger?
Ah... Shirlexia is full of herself! :SSo here we are, the (pretty)birthday girl checking out the menu!
Ducum testing the lights lar...
I was trying to model like in a mooncake commercial... How? Pass bo?
I've always wanted to try Pasta Zanmai, but really, this was my first ever visit to the restaurant with pretty expensive pasta...
Here are what we ordered... (sorry I didn't have their names, they are just too long for us to remember or even write down)
Ducum had some Pasta in sesame sauce with prawns tempura.
While I went for the Pasta in sesame sauce with beef.
I love this one... The Salmon with tofu salad. Very unique.
California roll without the rice and seaweed!
Some pasta with chicken...
Some pasta with chicken and egg! Boy, I just turned their fancy names into some boring names!
The pizza with scallops was YUMMY too~! Very fresh smells really good!
Eel with egg over pasta, just like how you have it over your rice.
Overall, I think Pasta Zanmai is a nice place to dine at, the service, the atmosphere are great. Food wise, not too bad lar, though not fantastic. But if you are looking for a similiar thing but with more varieties, I would suggest Pasta de Gohan, which has more choices but even more pricy.From left: My number one fan Kevin with his big jug of green tea, me, Abby, I Rene and Ducum.
But most important thing here is... Thanks a lot to Ducum, I Rene, Abby and Kevin (sorry I had to put your name last, although I know you're my number one fan! :p) for celebrating the day I became officially 25... FOREVER!
Oh by the way, Ducum, you didn't pay for this one wor, so you still owe me a birthday meal!

Date: September 26, 2009
Location: Atrium Cafe Sunway TowerRemember that dress I wore on CNY this year? I've just added a singlet to make it not-so-sexy. And the pair of sandal I got from HK... Oooooh, I can see so many eyes looking at them envyly!
So this was a joint-treat from XT and me, who are both the Librans leng luis! Originally I wanted to asked some of my best friends to come, but then ya know... Someone is out of town lar, someone is out of the country lar, someone got food-poisoning lar... ==|||
In the end, we've only got the two 'long time no see' people--YY and Poh Hoon. Oh, not to forgot, the photographer of the day!We were dining at this fancy looking cafe...
I'm not going to post any pictures of the food here. Overall, the buffet hi-tea was a bit of a disappointment. I'm not saying they are bad, in fact, they tasted quite well. The Tandoori Chicken was really nice and the range of salad were really special. It's just that they are all local food, nothing special. Like YY said, she was looking forward for some sushi! But then with a price of RM55, you cannot really ask for too much lar, right? Here comes the food, the chit-chat, the gossips, the laughter, the bitching...
I guess we girls enjoyed the non-stop chit-chatting more than the food. Oh yea, YY you forgot to tell me more about the guy that you wanted to introduce to me ler! :p
After that, photos session!!! Yay~! Our favourite! :DWe wanted to make some old-school nenek moyang's family photo...
So I guess it should look like this...
I totally love this picture~~~!!!
The 60s kinda picture? Like what, Abba? Are they even in the 60s?
Ah Fa was the one who gave me the idea of taking this photo...
And it was so funny Poh Hoon didn't know what was going on! Haha...
I swear YY requested for this photo with that kinda pose! I swear!!! Ah bo who wants to see her 'airport'? Kakakaka...
So... Thanks again for coming girls! It was such a great catch-up, really! I can't wait to see you girls again! And the pressies! I love them! XT, I owe you a birthday present, okay, and I know just what to buy for you. You wanna guess???
Nothing very interesting about my birthday lar, all makan-makan only.. But still, I enjoyed it so much! Although, it might be even better if I get a slice of RT green tea cake! :p

More pictures here:
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