Saturday, November 27, 2010

Yummilicious Pork Burger @ Loong Kee

About two weeks ago, I tried Ninja Joe, a new fast food chain opened in Malaysia selling pork burgers. I was actually pretty excited to try the pork burger, which is obviously, very rare in Malaysia.
Sadly, the burger failed to impress me.Presenting... Loong Kee new concept store!
And then I found the newly opened Loong Kee at Sunway Pyramid selling pork burger too and so Deardo and I gave it a try. Well I guess the title of this blog post tells you enough how I found the pork burger here!I also find the clean and tidy cooking area very impressive.
Now, the burger here looks a bit like non-halal burgers at Ramley Burger. But the patty here is slightly thicker and I found the texture of the meat very crunchy and juicy. The burger comes with few slices of cucumber with some ketchup or chili sauce and mayo. Although I would prefer it with some lettuce and tomato, but then the simple stuff are already enough to make me fell in love with it! Even now I'm still hoping to have another one of the yummilicious pork burger!
Oh and by the way, the burger is only RM4.90!!!Okay, it might not look very appetizing in pictures but trust me, it's BLOODY GOOD!!!
After the noming in the car, the smell of the pork burger stays in the car for quite a while~! :p
We also had this BBQ Pork Slice and Meat Floss (RM2.80) Bun which Deardo loves a lot! I didn't have a lot of that because I finished almost the whole pork burger! :pBBQ Pork Slice and Meat Floss bun, another good recommendation from Deardo!
See how he was enjoying his late lunch???
I bet a lot of you haven't even realize that Loong Kee has such new concept with the store selling hot food too hey? They have even pork balls and sausages! I'm loving the food and I think you should give them a go too! :)


Hayley said...

Wow pork burgers! yummy~

ShiRLeXia said...

Yes indeed it's really yummy!