Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Comedies to distress :D

Just so happened, for two Wednesdays in a row, Deardo and I watched two comedies and I'm glad to say, they are pretty good! :)

The Other Guys
Since Ducum came back with some good reviews, I had high hopes on this action comedy.
Don't be surprise, The Rock and Samuel L. Jackson only appeared for like 15 minutes and they are done with the movie! The movie then follows Terry (Mark Wahlberg) and Allen (Will Ferrell) in their hilarious attempts to become some famous top cops. The storyline itself is pretty much just so a movie, very unrealistic but funny. I think the movie owes a lot to its bloody funny script! Things like "my breasts are waiting for you at home" just would stuck in your head and makes you laugh like crazy!
Will Ferrell and Eva Mendes are freaking good in the movie! They are like the two main characters that I really missed after watching the movie! All those dirty scripts and the acting! Man Will Ferrell has just got to hero from zero for me because I hated him in Bewitched so much! And Eva Mendes! Who would have thought the sexy star can be so funny too? Ha!
I didn't like the way the movie ended though. For a comedy I was hoping for an even happier ending than that!
Not too bad for a laugh!

You Again
Deardo really surprised me by taking me to this movie! I mean, it's really a girls movie man! But apparently his colleague (who is a guy) watched the movie thrice!
So yea it's a movie about girl enemies reunited when they are all grown up or older. Although the story sounds a bit lame and all but I was amazed at how I enjoyed the entire movie! No boring scenes at all! Never checked the time on my watch too! I think it's pretty much because of the nice flow and the realistic of the story. Girls will definitely understand it! *wink~* The only part I didn't like was the apologizing part of Marni and Joanna. That was a bit cheesy and by the way it doesn't make sense at all where Joanna was still treating Marni with the We are the Champion song and all just to end up saying sorry she was trying to change...
I also think Kristen Bell is not good enough to carry a movie as a lead actress. She is not as famous and the acting was just so-so. I think I enjoyed more acting from the senior actors such as Jamie Lee Curtis (love her so much~), Sigourney Weaver and Betty White!
Well, even Deardo said it is not too bad! So need me to say more?


LayJinG said...

Didnt go cinema quite some time, interested to watch the other guy too! hehe~ after read ur blog, now i wanna watch you again also =P

ShiRLeXia said...

I also seldom go to cinema already nowadays. But I try my best to go at least every Wednesday lor...
Yeap, I belive Once Again is pretty good!