Saturday, November 13, 2010

Jogoya virgin no more~!

If you have me as your friend in your Facebook account, you most probably know I only recently went to the very famous Jogoya for the first time in my life! Phew~!I just think Starhill is a beautiful place to take pictures...
And I absolutely love my green dress from Warehouse!
Deardo and I went there for our 1st year anni last month and accidentally found out they are having (and still having) their anniversary promotion where ladies got 50% discount on Monday-Thursday! We love the food there so much that the next week when his mum was in town we went again! Yea, by now you probably know the visit was already one month ago. That is how outdated I am in my own blog...To be honest, before this I thought Tao is the best, but Jogoya really beats it, although I would say Tao is still considered good with its very affordable pricing. What I especially think Tao or many others buffet restaurants are lacking of is the very cozy and pretty design. And of course, The Haagen Dazs ice-cream!!! Honestly I've never eaten so much of Haagen Dazs ice-cream in my life before Jogoya! That's why I love Jogoya so much!!! *wink~*Food, dessert, drinks... You name it!
Most stuff we tried were pretty fresh. I know it's weird by the one booth that I love the most is the Chinese Cuisine's. The chefs in there are just too good! All stir-fried vegetables were awesome! Steamed fish can be not too bad too. I especially think the sambal they use to fry the petai was super yummy!!!Hot food, cold food... I just made my stomach turned up side down~!
Their Tepanyaki is also a must try! At the steam booth, the boiled soup are pretty nice too! But seriously a BIG NO NO for their Dim Sum. Love their tempura too, especially the very famous Ebi Tempura!!! You will actually need to literally stand there and wait for them or let people grab them all before you even get a chance to have one!
I was also surprised by the variety of drinks and desserts! Like I said, unlimited Haagen Dazs and New Zealand Natural with either pancake or waffles to go with. Beverages wise it's like you can find almost everything there! I had so much fun trying out their green tea, jasmine tea and Oolong tea. And even wine! And for the first time in my life, I fell in love with coconut juice! Those are I don't know, different kind of coconuts. They are smaller and have a sharp tip and the juice was oh mama mia~!You must try the coconut juice!!!
My ice-cream with waffles oooohhh I love that combination!
Now, the reality is, although Jogoya is so far the best Japanese buffet I've ever tried, I wouldn't really go again without the 50% discount for ladies. Not that I'm stingy, but RM88 for dinner is still a bit too much for me. I think I can't eat that much food till it is worth RM88 (sounds like a calculative housewife).
Cheers to ya all~!
We were like... Burp~~~ Excuse me~!
Okay, let me remind you ladies out there. The 50% discount is only until December 15!!!

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