Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Cute Lunch @ Ma Maison, The Central, Singapore

Despite its smaller size, Singapore is actually a small island with loads of nice food. And according to my observation, it's very Japanese. Try walking into a shopping mall, you will find whole stretch of Japanese restaurants, be it fine-dining or fast food! Even my first meal as I arrived in Singapore was a Japanese meal in a hotel!
Needless to say, I also went on to Orchard Road to search for one of mu favourites, MOS Burger and ended up noming my Kakiage Rice Burger happily alone at the fast food chain which I've always hope to see opening in Malaysia. OMG I can still remember the smell of my Kakiage Rice Burger!!!
Aaaahhhh~~~ I'm satisfied~!

Before I left Singapore, XT and KK (and YY joined us later) came to have lunch with me. As we were walking aimlessly near Clark Quay and The Central Shopping Centre, I picked Ma Maison to try because 'Japanese Western Food' sounds pretty cool to me!I absolutely love the deco of the tiny restaurant! It's like this old school American-styled deco with flowerish table cloths and pots and pans hanging around! Damn cute lor!Pretty cute and cool deco makes the restaurant so much more attractive!
Great opportunity for us, the posers to camwhore~! Yay~!
They have like a lunch time menu, which is just a one-page thingy with about 10 set lunches for you to choose from. Well that really left us with very limited choices really. We were like huh? Is that all???
In the end, of course each of us chose different sets so that we can taste each others' food...The one-page-only menu.
Here you go...The Meal of the Day with some chicken with some sweet and sour sauce or something with some olio and potato salad.
XT had the Tomato Rice with Omelet with Brown Sauce.
KK's Beef Stronganoff with Omelet over Rice.
And all sets comes with a drink, soup and salad too! It was Clam Chowder with bits of Bacon in it! Yumzzz~~~
A very colourful bowl of fresh salad.
And bread for us to share too!
We topped our lunch up with a Chocolate Brownie with Ice-cream!
I think the food were reasonably good. My don't-know-what chicken with Spaghetti was the best of all three I guess. I especially love the gravy of the chicken and the potato salad was yummey~! I didn't try KK's Beef Stroganoff but XT's Tomato Rice with Omelet was to me, pretty nice too! Hmmm... But isn't it very easy to make it at home? But I wish I could make omelet as nice as theirs! KK was right about their chocolate brownie, it was just too soft a brownie.
And I realized Japanese Western Food is actually quite a good idea! Perhaps I can try some cooking similar to this at home! Ah... Remember my Japanese Curry Chicken with Spaghetti??? :)
With the cool deco, a river view, cute and quality food at reasonable price (I mean, my set was just $12.90 ler), plus getting served by a real tiny typical Japanese-looking Manager, Ma Maison is under the 'worth another visit' category of mine.

P/S: Work is still EXTREMELY CRAZY. Let's hope that I really get to have a short break after all these havoc! :S


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