Sunday, March 20, 2011

The rest of my Singapore trip

Just woke up from a very short afternoon nap after another long day at work (yes, on a Sunday...). Been extremely busy with loads of events for the past one week. Thankfully all of them went on smoothly~! :D Another week to go before I can hopefully take some days off from work to RELAX a bit!!! Can't wait!
So... Before I actually drown myself into my work again, I gotta really conclude my Singapore trip before it is outdated!!! So here's a post to sum-up the rest of my Singapore work trip...

Dinner @ G7 Fresh Frog Porridge & Seafood, Geylang
That was actually the first night in Singapore when my colleague was like dying for this Geylang Frog Porridge. I had the Chinatown Frog Porridge during my last trip to Singapore with YY, so Geylang's one was really my first try. At G7, they also have a whole range of seafood dishes and I saw a lot of them having crab dishes! But my colleague and I, with our agent, who is an American, went for some normal food...Fresh Frog Porridge, which we ended up having two pots of them!
Ginger and Onion Frog.
Sweet & Sour Prawn.
Claypot Tofu.
Fried Kung Fu Mee.
Well, honestly speaking, I find the frog porridge nice, but not really fantastic. If you ask me to choose, I'll probably tell you the Lor9 Frog Porridge I had in KL is actually better. The Sweet & Sour Prawn was unexpectedly my favourite of the night whereas the Claypot Tofu and the Fried Kung Fu Mee were just really so-so.

Cool Ice-Cream @ Raffles Creamery
Like I said in my earlier post, my trip to Singapore was all about visiting hotels. So I actually had my first meal at a Japanese restaurant in a hotel which was not really impressing at all. And nobody from those hotels actually offer to buy us even coffee or tea during our visits! So I think it is pretty true that my colleague commented that Singaporeans are a little stingy in that case! In fact, come to think of it, they didn't even offer us some plain water! WTH!
When I was at Raffles Hotel, I couldn't resist but to dig my own pocket to try the very famous ice-cream. And my apologize, I couldn't remember how much that scoop of ice-cream cost me already...
Now the ice-cream here is pretty unique. You choose your flavour, they will get a scoop of ice-cream then sort of 'fry' the ice-cream like teppanyaki with some shaved ice. And then if you want your topping to be crushed together like me, they will add that in for you. That boy teppanyaki-ing my New York Cheese ice cream...
My New York Cheese flavoured ice-cream with Oreo and chocolate sauce was just plain YUMMEEEYYYY~~~!!!Okay... You don't need to remind me how fattening it is! Arrrhhh...

Dinner with 'The Gang' @ The Mushroom Pot, Singapore Indoor Stadium
Now, if you know me well, you will know I'm a 100% mushroom lover. So when XT told me about this Mushroom steamboat buffet I got really excited. The buffet deal to me, is pretty good. It's about S$27 per person if I'm not mistaken (many thanks to Kelvin, who paid for me, that's why I can't remember how much it is) for the steamboat where we can choose 5 side dishes and order whatever you want and however much you want from the menu for your steamboat.
Looks like XT and Kelvin are our Papa and Mama, isn't it?
Okay, don't get me wrong... That doesn't mean all stuff you have there are just mushrooms! It's just that their specialty is the mushrooms boiled soup base! I wouldn't say the soup is super yummy, but it was refreshing! Very sweet and a little pepperish, tasted very healthy and soothing that makes you easily addicted to it. It is definitely better than those random soup base you get from those random steamboat outside! :)The mushroom soup and the spicy soup steamboat we had.
I also love some of their side dishes in which some of them are made of mushrooms as well! Very interesting scallop dish.
Ohh... I love the Calamari and the Wasabi dip! Nicey~!
The Deep Fried Mushroom salad that doesn't taste like mushroom at all!
Some mushroom spring rolls kinda stuff was good too, just a little oily.
Because I didn't take beef, pork or lamb and I dislike those fish balls, pork balls or whatever balls, with the soothing mushroom soup, I actually felt really healthy without much guilt after having the mushroom steamboat buffet! :)

And last but not least...I envy Singaporeans for having low fat chocolate milk and papaya milk in their 7-11! Aaarrrhhh... Malaysian 7-11 are SO BORING!!!
And their Burger King has loads of coffee choices like Mocha, Latte and stuff. And they even have Espresso flavoured Sundae! SO UNFAIR!!!

Well, overall, the 'work' part of the trip was half fun and half not up to expectation. But the 'catching-up with friends' and 'food' part was awesome! I especially appreciate the long and detailed chat at the airport with KK and YY! I can't even remember when was the last time we had such cool chat where we share loads of secrets of our lives like that! If only I'm also working in Singapore, I'm sure I'll be happier hanging out with them sharing stories more often! I mean, with them all in Singapore, I don't really have close friends left in KL, how sad?! :(

Ah well, life must go on. Let's pray that I can handle all my work coming up next week!


Hayley said...

I'm interested in the packet papaya milk, how come here dont have!!

ShiRLeXia said...

Yea man! Even when I was in Taiwan, the papaya milk, or to be exact, the fresh fruit juice stalls are all over the city!