Monday, March 14, 2011

Sing to the Pore...

What an insane weekend! Was in Singapore for 3 days and the next day after I returned to KL I was already at work~! Phew~!
And this week alone I have like more than five events under my care damn it! Hence, here comes a quick break to brag about my work trip to Singapore.
Compared to my last trip to Singapore two years ago, Singapore has so much more new buildings in the city! Other than that, the city itself remains as a really clean, safe and urm... Better country than Malaysia in most aspects you could think of. Marina Bay Hotel is actually not too far away from the airport!
Since it was a work trip (I wouldn't call it a business trip because I wasn't there to do any business... Shirlexia Tan is definitely not a businesswoman. Ah, maybe not yet), my accommodation was paid by the company and our agent arranged a pretty cool hotel (pretty expensive too)for us to stay in which I'm going to share with you in this post!
The hotel is named Studio M. Situated at Nanson Road, near River Valley and Clark Quay, it is a very unique boutique hotel. With white colour as their theme colour, the entire design and deco of the hotel is absolutely cool! And if you pay attention, they are even using a Mac check-in-check-out system! Now, the lobby itself already amazed me a lot and fortunately the amazement didn't only stop there!Young and funky design, I shall say.
As I stepped into my room, which is the premier room, I was like WOW~! THIS IS COOL~! Damn nice, right??? My favourite part is actually the stairs! You see, half way through, you will actually find yourself standing on the desk! 100% creative and 100% space-saving!
Toilet and shower are situated at both sides of the entrance.
While the sink is actually outside!
Now, let me bring you upstairs...
A look at it, it looks more like a fancy river side studio apartment with some really cool design! I really wished that I could stay there and never need to leave like it's my house! The little fake glass balcony is also one of my favourite parts of the room!
My comfortable bed with me alone sleeping on it!
At first I thought it was an alarm clock, then I figured it's an iPhone charger, and then when Deardo Wong saw that he told me... Aiyo~ That's an iTunes player lar! :p
I really don't know what words to use to describe the uniqueness of the hotel room. To me it was just plain great, unique and smart design which definitely attracted me to at least tell you guys about it! Looking down from my room is the long swimming pool!
Even when XT and KK came to look for me on the last day of my stay at the hotel, they were both amazed! They couldn't stop taking pictures with their phones and they were actually so reluctant to leave the hotel!!! Well, actually I was also hoping I can stay longer! Some old school phone and some orange coloured sofa situated near the lobby area.
Ya know us, posing like that is a must since school time!
But KK decided to be serious that day...:p
And based on my experience, the service was good and the stay was very comfortable as well! Now, the only downside is, you don't get the usual breakfast buffet at Studio M. I mean, yes, it's supposed to be a boutique hotel which might have to be different in the breakfast part. But yea, paying that much for a room, I think it would be great if they can come up with a restaurant to serve breakfast to its customers. :)
I don't think I can afford another stay at the hotel on my own but honestly speaking, if you have the money and you don't mind spending it for the comfort of your stay, Studio M is definitely a good choice! :)
Urm... Dear Studio M people, I'm doing free advertisement for you guys hey, consider giving me some free stay???:p

My Singapore work trip this time around has a lot to do with hotels and the human capital of hotels. Hence, I visited about 5 or 6 hotels, which include Resort World Sentosa. Next time lar, next time I will visit Universal Studio to have fun!

I also had the opportunity to meet celebrity Chef Emmanuel Stroobant (Gene, I spelled it right, didn't I?), the Chef in Black at his restaurant called Saint Pierre, for work purposes of course. I was pretty nervous because that was the main mission my boss has given to me in Singapore but man he was very down to earth and I had great fun talking to him and Gene, the P.A too! :)Jealous ler???

Here are some interesting stuff in Singapore I managed to capture...Sounds very wrong to have a massage centre with that name hey?
Our agent went to pam petrol leaving his key hanging in the car. Definitely a rare case to us Malaysians.

If you are in my FB list, you probably know that I've recently fallen in love with this brand called Dressing Paula. It is a Malaysian brand but their stocks are all the way from Hong Kong. They sell mostly just office and dinner wears and the price is so reasonable that I think the most expensive piece I could find is only at RM139.This is a one piece dress with some cool gold studded buttons and an interesting uneven skirt at the bottom.
Green coloured dress with some uneven cuttings too! Gosh I looked terrible in this picture!
To make it up for the previous picture, here's one better one without any Dressing Paula on me. That cute pair of shoe is the only thing I bought from Singapore.
I'm totally in love with their unique design and great prices! Even my colleagues have so much of compliments for the clothes I bought from the shop!
OMG another free advertisement! So you people at Dressing Paula, I wouldn't mind some cash vouchers you know!

I have more about the trip coming up soon! Yea, hopefully soon! So do stay tuned!


Hayley said...

Yea, the hotel room is so damn nice!!
Worth la your trip! :P

Batman said...


ShiRLeXia said...

Nice right? Maybe you should consider staying there one day when you're there!

I didn't ask what's the car ler... ==|||

LayJinG said...

Dressing paula classic! haha... so envy with the hotel stay :)

ShiRLeXia said...

Nice right??? One day when I'm freaking rich I wanna go and stay there again.