Tuesday, March 29, 2011

My Cameronian Diary

The house's internet connection just gave me a scare just now... I thought I wouldn't be able to update my blog before I go back to KL! Arhhhhh!!!!!
Luckily it is back to normal now! Yay~! :D

Ok back to the real business... Remember last July where Deardo Wong and I bet on a World Cup match in which I won because the Netherlands beat Brazil in the match? Okay, you probably won't remember anything but to me it was an important win for me! As the winner of the bet, I chose for Deardo to bring me to Cameron Highlands for a trip, simply because I've never been there before in my entire life!
But yea, it took us almost a year to finally realize that trip. I guess it was more to my fault because I'm most of the time the busy woman at work. So finally after a few crazy weeks with some insane number of events, I've finally taken some days off to visit Cameron Highlands for a short 2 days trip! Finally~ Phew~!
Much to my disappointment, it wasn't a great start as I fell sick the day before the trip. I took Panadol and my allergic to it made my eyes so swollen! :S Just to give you some clue of how I looked like...Arrrhhh~! I looked scary~!!!:S
So yea, it wasn't a good first day at Cameron Highlands although I tried hard to push myself up a bit. But I was quite tired to even walk!
Anywayz, here's my Cameronian Diary...

Lunch @ Boh Tea Cafe
Gosh... I just typed 'Lipton' instead of 'Boh' just now... Ish... Sensitive, sensitive!
We actually made a wrong turn and went into the old one first, then we realized eh the cafe doesn't look quite the same. So after another journey, here we are!Gorgeous scenery!!!
Woohooo~~~ As a tea person, it actually made me so excited by only looking at the tea plantations! And the fresh tea smell was awesome too!
Since it was time for lunch, we sat down to have a light lunch there with Boh tea and some light snack. Time to warm up the body a bit while pretending not to know someone is taking pic of me! :p
Damn Deardo Wong posed better than me! He stole my limelight!
Aih... Sad to say, the tea was done with the all-in-one packet of tea and the food really sucks! I mean, they spent the money making such a beautiful-looking cafe, why can't they also make the drinks and foods a bit more high-end? I mean, to be honest, the Tuna Sandwich we had was GROSS~! Yet!!! The price isn't cheap okay???
Anywayz, we continued to walk around and snapped some pics with the tea leaves! LOL!Act cute~!
OMG, so beautiful... The background!
Now you can see the very pretty-looking Boh Cafe at the back!
One with Deardo Wong! :D

Before we checked into the hotel, I couldn't help but stopped by at the road side to have a Jagung Bakar!
I always do that! Thumb-up before even trying it!
Nom... Nom... Nom...
See! He posed better than me again!
Needless to say, Cameronian (I seems to like to use this word, hmmm...) corn is still sweet, crispy and yummy~!

At night we had some charcoal steamboat for dinner. It was not too bad but I totally forgot the name of the restaurant. Ah well, they are all over Cameron and they are all same price anywayz, so just pick one for yourself!The super-long 'chimney'! LOL!

Cameron Highlands is really a dead town after like 8pm? After dinner, all we can do was to walk around the more happening Tanah Rata and in front of our hotel before we call it a day and spent the rest of the night watching HBO!

Breaky @ Oldies & Goodies Roasted (?) Restaurant
We seriously didn't know where to have our breakfast...
So not too far away from the budget hotel we stayed at Berinchang is this restaurant which sells all kind of roasted meat. Yeah... They claim that their restaurant is roasted too, but Deardo Wong and I didn't find it very roasted lor. No roasted smell also!We ordered roasted chicken and duck for two and a stir-fried water cress (water cress is so hip in Cameron Highlands) to go with our rice. The chicken and duck were nothing fancy, but the vegetables was damn yummy! I think it's just because Cameronian vegetables are extra fresh. Even the vegetables and mushrooms we had at the steamboat place were damn fresh! And the oily rice was also pretty yummy too!
But then again, I also found their food pretty pricey lor! And the restaurant has very cool light bulbs!
Okay lar, quite a wholesome and satisfying meal before we bid goodbye to the boring town.

No lar, Cameron Highlands can be boring but hey, I didn't miss the Cameronian(that word again, lalalalala~) strawberries!
One of our two final missions in Cameron Highlands is to go to a Strawberry Farm! See, I didn't even remember which one we went to. So many of them lar, we just randomly picked one which allow us to pluck our own strawberries at RM20 for half a KG. Fasten your seatbelt! Time to shop!!!
Since I felt better that day, I was all excited to do the plucking of strawberries! Yee~Haaaa~~~! I really enjoyed the fun of choosing, plucking and even curi-makaning! Ha~! I LOVE STRAWBERRIES~!!! :D
I looked so HYPER~! Blek~!
Deardo Wong picking the right fruit seriously...
Wooopsss~ Caught on camera!
Ah~ I reckon this is my favourite pic of all taken in Cameron Highlands!
I must say visiting a strawberry farm is a must if you were to visit Cameron Highlands!

One last mission! KEA Farm for some Cameronian vegetables and fruits! Oh, fresh mushrooms too! (And the strawberries there are only RM10 per box! ==|||)I was the most fashionable 'See Lai' there! :p
Spot me???

We cooked some of the stuff I bought there already for dinner!Long Song Choy was yummy! Something like Sayr Paku lar, damn nice lor!
Our typical dinner! Sho... Healthy, right?
Another healthy one! If you can spot some oyster mushrooms here, they are also Cameronian mushrooms!
And this afternoon I asked Mamo to cut the Crystal Jambu to try. I told her I'll keep the other one in the fridge for her and Papo and she went "Aiya, don't want lar, at home nobody will eat, you better bring it back to KL with you!" But minutes later she yelled from the living room... "Eh, Ping ah, that Jambu of yours don't need to bring back d... Hehehehe..."
Yeap, that's my cute Mamo... And the Camoronian Crystal Jambu I bought!

Overall, my first ever trip to Cameron Highlands was not too bad, though not fantastic. To be honest, the Boh thingy was a big letdown, especially the cafe. Strawberry Farm was possibly the best experience of all. Choices of restaurants are so limited and food and vegetables are quite pricey too though damn fresh lar! And it's quite a boring town too, no night life, not many happening restaurants, cafe or even pubs...
I would go there again just for the weather but not for anything else.
BUT! I thank Deardo Wong for the trip! Appreciate it that he actually brought me there although he had been to Cameron Highlands a few times before this! Hey, but Deardo Wong! I'm sure with me around, it was funnier right? :)


Hayley said...

You've never been to Cameron Highland before? Anyway glad that you enjoyed the trip with your dear..
But you both are cute couples la, can bet on such thing, hehe :D

ShiRLeXia said...

Yea... I know! Everyone will look at me with big eyes whenever I say I've never been there before!!!
Yea mah, as a couple we can't be always doing some normal thing, so must find some new stuff to do lor! :p