Thursday, May 12, 2011


Since I have some time before starting work, let's share some film review on films I watched over last weekend (yea, even until now I feel so lazy to crap about them...).

B+侦探 The Detective 2

Fast 5
Now, for a lot of you guys out there, this is a movie you have been waiting for for quite some time right? But just for your information, this is the first and only Fast & Furious movie I've ever watched in my life!!! Well, you know me, although I'm a fan of action movie, but I've never thought of watching this car-racing kinda movie before dating Deardo Wong.
Anywayz, based on the experienced audience like Deardo Wong, Fast 5 has less cars and car-racing scences, focusing more on its story, which to him looks more like The Italian Job, which to me, actually, is quite good news! I'm totally a person who think even a horror movie should have great story! But honestly speaking, I'm not impress with the story, not especially the cheesy scene where Vin Diesel picked The Rock up, OMG I totally cannot take that!!! The movie started a little boring but I must say in the end when it comes to the climax, I totally enjoyed the car-chasing part and the smart idea of using the vault as their weapon and how they transferred the vault from one car to another. Love every bit of those scenes!
I cannot find any love for the two main characters/actors. But Vin Diesel, The Rock, Gal Gadot (she's HOT!!!), Elsa Pataky (Thor's real life wife!), Sung Kang and many others made the movie fantastic!!!
If you want to talk about robbing money, I suggest The Italian Job or the Ocean's sequels. If you want to talk about action movie, Fast 5 is also not there yet. But yes, it is entertaining and it's something that even a not-so-car-lover would enjoy.
And... Why is everybody making movies in Rio de Janeiro??? Makes me wanna go there so badly now!!!

P/S: Can't wait any longer for Pirates of the Carribbean 4!!! And it's next week!!!


Hayley said...

I'm not a car person, but I have no regrets watching from 1st installment until this one. I'm now waiting to buy the DvD, so that I have a full set of collection ^^

ShiRLeXia said...

Haha, I can see that you're a die-heart fan!

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Shirlexia said...

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