Saturday, May 21, 2011

Shirlexia's Special Chicken Chop with Mushroom Gravy

So here's another recipe I simply created with whichever ingredients I could find at the supermarket that one fine day.
Ingredients: 2-3 pieces of chicken chops (marinated with soya sauce, pepper and black pepper), long beans, fresh chili, fresh prawns, fresh Shitake mushrooms chopped into small pieces,chopped garlic, a packet of instant mushroom gravy. (ohyea, missing from the picture are some boiled carrots and ham)

What to do?
1) Heat up a frying pan with some oil (olive oil is now cheaper as compared to last time, so choose olive oil for a healthier diet :) ).2) Fry the chicken chop until it is cooked and brownish. Remove and set aside.3) Clean up the pan and heat it up again with some oil. Simmer some chopped garlic,then add in the long bean and prawns.
3) Stir fry until they are all cooked. Do not add any water, but add some wine, black pepper and salt to taste. Remove and set aside.4) Clean up the pan again and heat it up with oil. Simmer some chopped garlic.
5) Add in the Shitake mushrooms and add in 250ml water (amount of water is according to the instructions on the instant gravy packet).
6) When the water started boiling, pour in the mushroom gravy powder. Turn off the fire and stir till the powder dissolve.7) You are almost done now. On a plate, arrange the ham and carrot accordingly. Place the piece of chicken chop over the carrots, pour the mushroom gravy over the chicken chop, then serve the dish with the long beans with prawns as the side.

Ta da............Too big a portion to call it a fine-dining dish but wth... Those small portion ain't enough for us!
It looks sumptious, isn't it?
It wasn't for any special occasions really. It was just that I didn't want to eat any rice or pasta and wanted to try something new! You see, when it comes to cooking, I always love experimenting rather than following a proper recipe! For this one, it wasn't really as good as expected. The chicken was nice, the side was okay but the gravy was a bit of a let down. Perhaps it was the instant gravy. Ah well, it was my fault for not knowing how to make my own gravy! :( But let me tell you, very soon, when I have my own kitchen, I'm soooooooo going to make everything on my own. Make my own gravy, cream soup or even mayonnaise! Making my man happy with my cooking makes me happy too! :)
I know I've said this million times, but once again, I LOVE COOKING~~~!!! :D


Hayley said...

Well done! The dish looks yummy!

H@naKo said...

hehe...if u free can come over to cook for me geh~ can borrow u my kitchen! ^_^

btw~ for your own kitchen,cheers~

ShiRLeXia said...

Thanks Hayley! :) It wasn't up to my expectation though... But will add oil lar in the future!

Ah Fa, if your house isn't so far away I really don't mind lor!!!