Friday, May 6, 2011


Another Marvel comic-turn film which I watched because of Deardo Wong.
Thor is of course about the God of Thunder, and how he learned his lesson when his dad exiles him to earth where he met and fell in love with a human, and of course you know it is a happy ending for Thor lar. Surprisingly I thought the story was okay, and the fact that Thor landed on earth made the movie a bit more interesting and funny too. I especially love the entire graphic design of the movie! Especially the architecture of the buildings! I don't like how they deliver the love story between Thor (Chris Hemsworth) and Jane (Natalie Portman) though. It was a bit too cincai, but again it's an action movie lar, what do you expect? I should be feeling lucky that this is not another chessy heroic movie where the hero gave up his life or whatever for a girl okay!
Acting wise, nothing to shout-about lar. I'm pretty sure girls will be going crazy over Chris Hemsworth's body though. But I hate 'the Thor's hairstyle' lor. If you think he looks familiar, I just found out he was one of the country boys from Aussie soap Home and Away (although I never watched it before, but yea there were enough of previews and magazines with him there). Anthony Hopkins made an appearance too, although not a heavy role, but it does make a difference where the hero and the villain characters are not so well-known in Hollywood, maybe not yet?
I think it's not to bad a movie really! But hey The Avengers next year will be cooler I think! :)

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