Sunday, May 29, 2011

Genting for Michael Hui!!!

So we went to Genting AGAIN last Saturday for the Michael Hui Stand Up Comedy II Last Warning许冠文栋笃笑2之最后警告, a show I've been wanting to watch live right in front of my eyes for years! If you get what I was trying to do...
I don't know why but I really love this pic!
Michael Hui is to me, a LEGEND. No thanks to Mamo, I basically grown up watching his movies, together with his two other brothers. But yes, Michael Hui is always my favourite! He is funny just by showing some stupid facial expressions! To me, he is the best Chinese comedian of all! I can totally ignore Stephen Chow but I can never give up watching Michael Hui! And ever since he came to Genting the first time two years ago, I regretted so much for not attending his stand up show and thanks to someone, FINALLY I MADE IT!!! Yay~! :DNo doubt, it was a full house!!!
It was quite a good show to be honest. Though not extremely fantastic, but it was funny and entertaining. Most importantly, way better than Wong Tze Wah's! I think people love his joke for just one reason, very realistic. It's like he talks a lot about what is happening with the society, what you actually see everyday, thus making it easier to relate to those jokes. Can you bloody believe it that he is actually BLOODY 68 years old???
Good show Michael! 偶像就是偶像! Can't wait to watch his coming movie next year!!!

Dinner@Vietnam House, First World, Genting
Before Michael's show, we tried this new restaurant at First World. Ya know I'm always a fan of Vietnamese food! Hehehehe...Quite a nice-looking restaurant lar...
Can't wait for my food to arrive!!!
So we sat down and ordered a Vietnamese Beef Noodles, a Vietnamese Dry Vermicelli and a set of Vietnamese Spring Rolls (2 rolls). We thought the beef noodles and spring rolls were not up to our expectations. The spring rolls especially to me, were too sticky. I'm suspecting it was pre-done long time ago. As for the beef noodles, Pho Hoa at The Curve definitely serves better one!From top: Vietnamese Spring Rolls, Vietnamese Beef Noodles and Vietnamese Dry Noodles.
But our favourite is the Vietnamese Dry Vermicelli. It was the very first time we both tried such thing. Although I thought their vegetables were not cut nicely, hence not very presentable, but the overall taste of the sauce went really well with the noodles. Very refreshing and crispy too in a way, with some cucumber, lettuce and peanuts! And I actually think that was a very healthy dish! I intend to look out for the recipe and try to do that at home one day! :)

And so I think I had great time over that Saturday. Just some nice activities to distress a lil' before returning to reality. You see, here's my to-do-list at work...The problem is, while a lot of them are still without a tick, the list actually goes on and on and is now almost end of a second page of my to-do-list. Sigh... Honestly, I've never felt so frustrated before about not completing my work in my previous jobs. After some months of sleepless nights trying to finish my work, I've actually gave up. I mean, I'm not paid to work from home, anywayz, so WTH??? Of course some times I just still couldn't help, but I'm doing quite well nowadays! :pAaaarrrh.... Actually just to show you a pic with my new hair-cut and new earrings! *winks~*
Let's hope that I have a little more time to complete them while having some time for myself lar!
Cheers everyone~! :)

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