Thursday, September 8, 2011

Lovely Milo & Marie Biscuits Dessert (Kek Batik)

Truth is... I didn't even know this is called 'Kek Batik' until I googled with 'Milo' and Marie Biscuits' as key words. To me, this Milo and Marie Biscuits dessert is part of my childhood memories. Aunty Ah Choo, who was once our neighbour, taught us how to make this and because I had a sudden crave for the dessert, I actually called her to ask for the recipe!
Apparently this is also something that a lot of my friends in FB love and for that, I must say, I'm happy to share the recipe with you guys! :)

Here's Aunty Ah Choo's accurate amount of ingredients:
200g Milo
500g Marie Biscuits
500g raw peanuts/groundnuts
250g butter
About 3/4 can of condensed milk

As you read how I made the dessert, you will notice I didn't follow the rules so much. Kekeke...
1) First, fry the peanuts/groundnuts with medium to small fire until it is obvious they are a little burnt and smell like they are cooked.2) Separate the skins by... Whatever way you could. Mamo told me to hold them with a filtering basket, scratch the nuts with your fingers then shake the basket while blowing the skins off. Yea, I know... Real hard work man.3) Now you will have to take about 1/3 of them to mash into almost powderish (or whatever you call it :p).4) With the mashed peanuts, lay them evenly on a baking tin.5) Now in a pot or huge pan, melt the butter (I only used 227g cos that's the only size I could find in the supermarket and I didn't want to buy another one just for another 23g). 6) Add in the milk and stir well.7) Now turn off the fire and add in the Milo. I didn't measure the amount of Milo either. I just pour until I think it is enough to thicken the entire mixture.8) Now add in the peanuts (the ones that are not mashed).
9) Then break the Marie Biscuits into smaller pieces (not too small though) and add them all in. I didn't use all the Marie Biscuits too cos I thought it was way too much to put them all in! I mean, 500g!!! I suspect I heard wrongly lor!10) Stir until the Milo mixture cover all the biscuits and lay them all onto the prepared baking tin. Make sure you push them tight!11) Spread the mashed peanuts evenly on top of the mixture.
12) Send the baking tin to the fridge for at least 4-5 hours and you can cut them out and serve when it's chill.
To me, this thing is just too easy to make! Okay, I admit the peanuts part is kinda ma fan. Well you can either skip that if you're not a nut fan. Or, you can buy ready-made ones from the market! Absolutely no baking required, just some simple cooking method!
Well, most importantly, it is dangerously delicious and addictive! The entire thing tastes a bit like chocolate fudge/Sneaker/Cloud 9. You get the chewy Milo and the crunchy chunk of Marie Biscuits and peanuts that made it a to-die-for dessert. My little cousins who happened to be in Taiping love it! My Ah ma loves it! Papo and Mamo love it! And Vivian was so happy to finally taste something that she also missed!
Try this at home too! I'm sure you and your family will will enjoy it too!

P/S: Many thanks to Vivian who helped me a lot throughout the process. :)


yvonne said...

Thanks for the recipe! I thought I never be able to make this type of biscuit anymore. Totally forgot about it until recently was craving for it :p

I did it once in my secondary school during KH masakan class and was longing to eat it again.

ShiRLeXia said...

Hi Yvonne!
Well I guess we are both from the same generation and had the same craving!

I hope you will enjoy making it! :)

viviantan-yan said...

hehe,actually by helping you i also could learn this secret recipe and i think i am able to keep this recipe inside my mind until i die!It's easy to remember!

LayJinG said...

Well done Chef Shirlexia! Mmm... I am so lazy to learn, please pos one to me :) haha...

ShiRLeXia said...

Vivian, next time you make for the family ba! :)

Lay Jing, erm... Well I hope when I have my own kitchen one day I can hold a small party so you can come try them out!

yvonne said...

Shirlexia, I made this cake (at last!!) but mine turned out 'soggy', soft and lembik, LOL! I made according to the recipe but I reduced the biscuits because 500g sounds exaggerating!

Everyone seems to love this very very much and I made it twice :D :D Will attempt to make until it is standing firm.

p/s: Can you add a 'Search' button in you blog, please?