Friday, September 2, 2011

Super Simple Kerabu Pork Belly

I saw this recipe on and I was soooooo looking forward to try making this myself.
Personally, I love Kerabu! Be it Kerabu chicken feet (oh yumzz) or Nasi Kerabu (Alright, I know that's a different thing altogether). Most importantly, I am such a fan of pork belly! You know those with the fat on top of it??? You just have to admit it that even though they are super unhealthy, they are also super duperly yummy! :p

Well I made the recipe simpler so here's what I did...
1) Obviously, boiled the pork belly until it is cooked then removed and soak in ice water.
2) Next, just cut it into thin slices.3) Now in a bowl, mix the pork belly, chopped parsley, sliced shallots, chopped serai and chopped chili padi together.4) Add in some squeezed lime and brown sugar. 5) Now add in some fish sauce to taste and that's it!
We had it with other dishes for dinner the other night! It was quite a cool recipe I think. Pork Belly is normally tasteless and we always have it to go with soya sauce or simply cook them with other methods which erm normally take quite some time. With this recipe, pork belly became flavourful and too simple to make a dish with!
I'm loving it~~!!!The Kerabu Pork Belly was like a cooling salad!

P/S: I cheated this time around because we already had the pork belly cooked for the month of July prayer in the fridge. Hahaha... And thanks to Ah Ma's maid, all ingredients were cut well before I made the dish! :p

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