Wednesday, September 28, 2011

My 27th Birthday, etc

So last Sunday I turned 27.
Because of a busy week (and more to come), I didn't really have much mood to celebrate. In stead, I spent whole first half of my birthday staying at home and slept for probably more than two hours in the afternoon. Guess I was just too exhausted...
But of course, Deardo treated me with a birthday dinner at Jogoya! :)I call that sleepy face cos obviously we both just woke up from our very long afternoon nap! :p
I had the mini Tiramisu cake from the cake bar as my birthday cake!
Guess what? We spent almost 5 hours there!!! Wakakakaka...

I don't know, I wasn't really too excited about my birthday this year, probably because I was really busy and I know I will have a lot to do after my birthday. So yea, all I wish for my birthday was a good rest, or a short holiday somewhere out of KL, which is not going to happen so soon. :(
Anywayz, as a reward for myself, I bought this Charles & Keith bag as a birthday gift for myself...It was love at first sight... :)
Mind you, at RM199, it is already the most expensive bag I've ever own! I think I'm going to take very good care of that bag!

Before my birthday, I was at the Culinaire 2011 at KLCC, doing some live reporting on the competition. It was pretty exciting for me since it actually made me feels like I'm back to my sport journalist life. You know, those camping out at the competition, doing reporting and interviews! Love it!
It was of course very tiring walking and standing for 2 and a half days but I guess nothing can beat how the students and lecturers have worked so hard to prepare for the competition! I'm truly proud of them, no matter how's the result like. But of course, I'm proud to say, they did very well! :D
Here are some snapshots of the event...Yeah... Imagine, I was with high heels on the first day!!! :S
Our golden boy... Derek won us three gold medals!!!
And here's Issac whom I'm very very happy that he won a gold medal at the competition!
And here's me and my colleagues... We were waiting for some result at urm... Probably 8.30pm...
And check out this cute sugar art piece of the Angry Birds! But according to some expert, this piece of art is ugly... What say you???

And just in case you are curious, and I know this is random, but here's my desk in the office...One of my colleagues actually said it looks like there are a lot of organic pet food. Cos the Japanese green tea packet at the right looks like food for fishes and the container of oats looks like they are for rabbit... ==|||

Like I said, work is still pretty crazy. I still have so much to blog about but have totally no time to do so!!!
So till then, hasta la vista babey~!


Hayley said...

Happy belated birthday~ Dont worry, age is just a number ^^

ShiRLeXia said...

Yay~! Age is sooooooo just a number!!!